Lasik Surgery: Benefits and the Risks

There are three primary types of vision problems; myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or far-sightedness, and astigmatism. To correct the vision, people use eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many people, who are tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses want a permanent solution to their problem. Lasik Surgeries are the best solutions for them. If we talk about the eye surgeries then Lasik surgery is one of the most preferred eyes surgeries.

Our eyes are one of the most complicated but important sense of organs. Rays of light enter into our eyes through the cornea, from here light passes through the pupil, hit the lens and focus on the retina. Now an image appears and we could see it. In the normal vision, light directly reaches to the retina. But in a few conditions, the light could not reach to the retina directly. When light could not reach to the retina directly, then it is called a vision problem. This condition is needed to be cured.

What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is a popular surgery for eyes which is performed to correct the vision in people with near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism and to improve your vision. The surgery eliminates the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. In a few cases, it could not correct the vision completely but reduces the need for eyeglasses.

To treat the lower-order aberrations, traditional Lasik surgery is performed. Custom Lasik surgery is performed to treat both lower-order aberrations and higher-order aberrations. Custom Lasik surgery can help to minimize complications such as glare, starbursts, etc. Lasik is safe and FDA approved since 1996.

Lasik Surgery

In traditional Lasik surgery, an instrument named microkeratome is used. It cuts a thin, hinged flap from the cornea. Then the flap is lifted for application of laser energy.

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In bladeless Lasik surgery, two types of lasers are used. At first femtosecond laser, to create a thin flap in the cornea and secondly an excimer laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue to correct your vision. The bladeless Lasik is costlier than the traditional Lasik surgery.

Is Lasik Surgery safe?

Having a concern about the safety for your eyes before choosing a surgical option is normal. Here are the answers to your doubts.

Lasik is not a new surgical procedure. It has been around for nearly 20 years and it’s approved by FDA. It has benefited billions of people. Its safety is the biggest reason for its popularity. Few people consider Lasik as a dangerous procedure. But it’s a myth. You just need an expert eye surgeon to perform Lasik on your eyes and results will be really good.

Indians have thinner eye lenses than Americans but in India also, Lasik surgery is safe.  There are many hospitals in India with a 100% success record in Lasik surgery.

How to Prepare for a Lasik Surgery?

Doctors give pre Lasik surgery advice. Patients need to follow that. Here are a few of them.

  • You need to stop wearing contact lenses a week before the Lasik surgery.
  • You need to avoid the eyes makeup a week before the Lasik surgery.
  • Avoid alcohol drinking 24 hours before the Lasik surgery.
  • Don’t use perfume or hair spray because these types of products have a high volume of alcohol.
  • Remember that your age should not be less than 18 for Lasik treatment and find the best doctor in this field is a must.

Benefits of Lasik Surgery

If you are not able to see the things around you clearly then you immediately want to get rid of this problem. If you choose eyeglasses as an option then soon you will find it useless because eyeglasses snatch your sense of freedom. So to get rid of spectacles, many people choose contact lenses. Soon, they start feeling irritation and heaviness in their eyes because of contact lenses. With so many problems they get only one benefit from eyeglasses and contact lenses and that is ‘the clear vision’.

Lasik offers the same benefit to you. Let’s see how can you benefit by choosing Lasik surgery over any external support for eyes.

  • Lasik has a proven track record of successful eye surgeries. In most of the cases (approx 85%) the vision of the patient becomes perfect of 20/20. In rest of the cases, vision is improved to 20/40 or better.
  • The duration of surgery is not very long. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get a clear vision.
  • You can feel the improvement in your vision immediately after surgery.
  • Lasik surgery is very quick and without any bandage or stitches. In most of the cases, the patient gets discharged from the hospital within 24 hours.
  • Since there are no stitches in Lasik, so the recovery of the patient is really fast.
  • The procedure of Lasik surgery is almost painless.
  • Lasik is a modern surgery and it has no side effects.
  • Lasik is a permanent solution to your vision problem. It does not have any follow up procedure until and unless there is some mistake during Lasik or after Lasik in precautions.

Risks of Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is a good option to get rid of the vision problem but it has few risks as well. Let’s know about them.

  • Lasik is not suitable for younger than 18 years and elder than 40 years person. In his 40s, a person may have got presbyopia. In this condition, the lens of the eye becomes stiff and it’s not suitable for Lasik surgery.
  • Lasik surgery may cause dry eyes issues and this will remain in your eyes for up to 3 months. Lasik surgery decreases the tear production temporary. Dry eyes can be responsible for a not so clear vision. In this condition, doctors can put a special plug in your tear ducts. It will not let the tears drain from your eyes.
  • After surgery, for a few weeks, you may face some vision issues, especially at You may notice double vision or halos around bright lights. In a few cases, despite having a good vision in standard lights the patient may have a bad vision in dim light.
  • This may also possible that too many tissues get removed from your eye in Lasik.
  • If you have rubbed your operated eye during healing period then the flap of your eye can be injured.
  • In very rare cases, a patient had to go under the Lasik surgery twice because of the complications in the first
  • In rarest cases, loss of vision can also be witnessed by the patient.
  • Most of the risks associated with Lasik surgery can be ignored when you find an expert doctor for your Lasik.

The Bottom Line

Many people don’t need any external support for good vision after Lasik. So if you want to choose it, go to the best doctor. Here we will suggest you talk to your doctor about every single doubt you have before your Lasik surgery.