Immunoassays and Protein Stability


Immunoassays, especially in the last 50 to 100 years, have become known for their use in hospitals and laboratories. They have become famous for researching new ways to discover diseases and to cure and stop them from spreading.


Most of the time, these immunoassays are made to track proteins, antibodies. They start to become something that scientists and biopharmaceuticals use to find specific molecules. To be able for them to find a particular molecule or chemical, they have a solution like using antibodies to counteract it.

Moreover, an antibody is a protein that animals and humans have which is produced by our immune system. This protein is created when there is a foreign substance in our bodies. This substance can be bacterias, chemicals, or a virus.

Immunoassays and Protein Stability


There are immunoassays that use labels, and there are ones that don’t. The ones who use labels can be separated into two groups. Those being heterogeneous and homogeneous. With the heterogeneous immunoassay, there are few steps that need to be done for a separation to happen between analytes and antibodies. With the homogeneous immunoassay, there is no need for any separation to happen before the analysis.


There are four immunoassays. The first being the monoclonal-polyclonal sandwich. There is a word sandwich in it because when an antibody is absorbed, it is put on a plate when an antibody is absorbed. A polyclonal antibody is added on top of it. This immunoassay is the most known one.

The other ones, such as antigen-down assay, competitive inhibition assay, and rapid assay are less known but still very used.

These assays can be very beneficial. They are mostly inexpensive, very accurate, can detect low levels of toxins, and can be used for a variety of things. If you want to know more about this, follow the link

How do proteins correlate with immunoassays?

We mostly know that proteins are something that we need to have in our food. But, what we don’t know is that the same proteins can be used to discover new diseases and to cure the already existing ones.


The protein is also a molecule that can be pretty unstable. It is in constant flux, and it can create a lot of mutations. This is why protein stability is a crucial part when using it in immunoassays. When the protein is stable, then it can be used as an active protein, but when it goes through some unwanted conditions, then it can become inactive. When it is inactive, there is no use out of it.

Like we said before, these immunoassays can discover viruses, hormones, and bacterias. This is where the proteins come into play. They have more than one function.

One of the most important things that these proteins do is actually detect these viruses and bacterias and try to fight against them.They also bind with one another and carry themselves throughout the body. Check this page out for more information on it.


The importance of immunoassays and proteins together


We already know that immunoassays and proteins together can discover diseases. Usually, the ones that appear are hepatitis, cancer, and many autoimmune disorders. Even if the level of an antibody is very low, these assays and proteins can detect it.

With the new technologies that keep popping out all the time, they are no strangers to new experiments and tests. There are so many new methods that scientists and biopharmaceuticals use that we only discover new ways we can use them.

It becomes very easy to find what the structure and nature of one protein are. An assay for protein stability is something that will become more used each year. This is why the medical industry has grown so much over the years.

Once you have a better understanding of the more minor things in our bodies, it is easier to deal with the bigger ones. Knowing more about protein stability means learning more about our body’s way of functioning.

Once you know to stabilize a protein, you are lowering the chances of more mutations happening with them. This means the fewer mutations there are out there, the fewer diseases will be created.


This, combined with DNA technology that we have nowadays, many things can be stopped before even starting to happen. This is why protein therapeutics and protein stability analysis has become one of the main trends.

The more pharmaceutical companies grow, the more they will be outsourcing. That means that new growth ideas will be provided, which will create a more advanced way of using them. The only downfall is the cost of these assays. Still, as time goes by, with the popularity constantly growing, it is bound to decrease. It is expected to dominate the market because of its advanced technology.

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