4 Ways to Identify If Your CBD Oil is of High Quality

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an extract found in hemp and marijuana usually used to treat pain, seizures, and anxiety without making a person high. With the growth of merchants of CBD oil in the market, buyers need to choose which ones are trustworthy sellers. You can get low-quality oils instead of a CBD oil if you are not familiar with the qualities of high-quality CBD oil.

Ways to Identify If Your CBD Oil is of High Quality

Below are ways to determine if you have a high-quality grade of CBD oil:

Process in making CBD Oil

Before getting a bottle of that CBD oil, do research about the vendor’s process of manufacturing the oil. The process of obtaining the oil from hemp is called extraction, but there has been no standard process yet to the extraction method. So manufacturers may have different methods and this can affect the purity of the oil being extracted. Low priced oils use toxic solvents in the extraction of CBD oil and such gases are found to be in petroleum-like propane and butane to name a few.

Another process involves supercritical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extraction. The supercritical condition means, using CO2 under high pressure and in extremely cold temperatures. This process is the most expensive process since it requires high-grade equipment and experts to do the extraction which does give the best CBD oil but on the other hand, another process involves the use of organic pharmaceutical-grade ethanol. This process is known to give the highest output of oil and it is known to be the safest method of producing CBD oil for human consumption because the ethanol removes the toxins from the hemp plant.

Know how the hemp is grown

Hemp plants easily absorb minerals from the soil. To be able to extract high-quality oil, the soil where the hemp was planted is a factor in determining the purity of the oil. It means that if the soil is rich, the hemp will grow to be a plant of good quality, so the oil extracted will likely have high quality as well.

Check the amount of THC in the CBD oil

The permissive level of THC in oil is 0.3% Always check the label or packaging of your CBD oil. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance that makes a user “high”, so this should be at a minimal amount in the oil.

Check for third-party lab results

Pure and high-quality CBD oil will always have third party lab test results. These laboratories are responsible for validating if these CBD oils manufacturers are strictly following what they claim on their product packaging labels, They ensure that the oil has high-quality CBD, with no impurities, and has low THC content. If this lab result is not available, you can call the manufacturer’s customer service and request a copy for your reference.

Before buying any CBD oil, it is proper to have the knowledge on how to determine pure oil. Read everything about the product first through the manufacturer’s website and read everything on the label. Choose the product that has been produced from high-quality and non-toxic raw materials, Knowing these things will ensure that you can get high-quality oil.