eSanjeevani OPD Booking at Login 2024


eSanjeevani is an innovative telemedicine solution initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India to provide healthcare services remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic via Login 2024. It aims to ensure citizens, especially in rural, underserved areas get access to quality medical advice and treatment while maintaining social distancing protocols.


The eSanjeevani platform enables real-time video/audio consultations between doctors and patients over the Internet. It allows citizens across the country to receive prescriptions, medical certificates, and doctor referrals while eliminating the need to visit hospitals physically for basic outpatient services. The portal utilizes a network of certified doctors and specialists to offer support for multiple health issues and conditions.

As per reports, over 2.7 lakh consultations have been delivered through eSanjeevani in around 31 states/union territories in India. The self-use portal & mobile app work on web-based and on-premise modes catering to thousands of citizens daily. eSanjeevani is helping revolutionize last-mile delivery of affordable healthcare in India. Login 2024


With eSanjeevani, quality healthcare is now just a video call away! This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding everything about eSanjeevani and how to use it.


Overview of eSanjeevani from

  • eSanjeevani was launched in November 2019 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • It is also referred to as the National Teleconsultation Service
  • The platform provides healthcare services to patients in their homes through online consultations
  • The main service is eSanjeevani OPD which facilitates secure doctor-patient teleconsultations
  • C-DAC Mohali developed the portal and software systems behind eSanjeevani OPD
  • State governments enroll the doctors who provide the services
  • Some states also offer specialized doctor consultations for specific conditions
  • A mobile app is also available to access eSanjeevani services

Key Features

  • Provides healthcare access to people in urban and rural areas via digital medium
  • Can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops – no location barriers
  • Over 2,22,026 specialists, and doctors registered on the platform
  • Has served over 4.34 lakh patients in a single day
  • Free for patients across India

Getting Started with eSanjeevani

Using eSanjeevani to consult doctors online is very easy. Here are steps for patients to register, book appointments, and consult doctors:

eSanjeevani Patient Login at Process:

eSanjeevani Patient Login at

  • Visit
  • Get the token number, wait for your turn
  • When called, video consult the allotted doctor
  • Share previous health records if needed
  • Get a valid e-prescription for medication

So patients don’t need to create accounts or sign up in advance. Just log in, provide basic details, wait for your turn, and consult the doctor over video.

How to Book Appointments on eSanjeevani?

Follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Visit eSanjeevani website:
  2. Choose consultation mode: Video/audio/text-chat
  3. Search doctors by specialty, location
  4. Check the availability of your preferred doctor
  5. Book an appointment at a convenient time, and date
  6. Provide extra information requested
  7. Confirm your appointment booking
  8. Wait until the scheduled time

eSanjeevani Appointment Scheduling Process

  • Get registered and get a token & serial number via SMS
  • The system allows a doctor to automatically
  • Click the “Call Now” button within 120 seconds when activated
  • The doctor schedules an audio/video call for a consultation
  • The call connects at the allotted time on the scheduled date

This seamless process makes eSanjeevani consultation booking quick and easy.


Consultation Process on eSanjeevani

  • Doctor can access health records shared by patient
  • Doctor provides consultation over video
  • e-Prescription is generated at the end
  • Download the prescription for records
  • The patient can log in after the consultation ends

Additionally, eSanjeevani sends an SMS notification with an ePrescription download link.

The process ensures patients get proper medical advice, prescriptions, and follow-ups without stepping out.

Managing Your eSanjeevani Patient Profile

  • Visit eSanjeevani OPD website
  • Enter patient ID to access profile
  • View prescription history
  • Add/update family member details
  • Seamlessly manage health records

eSanjeevani OPD Timings

eSanjeevani has different timing schedules to cater to patients across various states in India.

State-wise eSanjeevani OPD Timings

State Timings
Andhra Pradesh Mon-Sat, 9AM-4PM
Assam Mon-Sat, 10AM-2PM
Haryana Mon-Fri, 10AM-1PM & 3PM-5PM
Himachal Pradesh Mon-Sat, 9:30AM-4PM (Lunch Break: 1:30PM-2PM)
Jharkhand Mon-Sat, 11AM-1PM & 3PM-5PM
Karnataka Mon-Sat, 9AM-4:30PM (Lunch: 1PM-1:45PM)
Maharashtra Mon-Sat, 9:30AM-1:30PM
Punjab Mon-Sun, 9AM-2PM
Rajasthan Mon-Sat, 8AM-2PM
Tamil Nadu Mon-Sun, 10AM-3PM
Uttar Pradesh Mon-Sat, 2PM-4PM

Patients can check the schedule before booking appointments.


Accessing eSanjeevani Using Different Devices

eSanjeevani offers omni-channel access using various devices:

Using Personal Computer/Laptop

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection
  • Launch web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Go to official eSanjeevani website
  • Sign up for a new account or login to your existing account
  • Follow online instructions to book appointments and avail of services

Using Smartphone/Tablet

  • Ensure you have strong internet connectivity
  • Open Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)
  • Search eSanjeevani app > Install the official app
  • Login or signup on app homepage
  • Use the app to book appointments, consult doctors

Via Audio-only Phone Call

  • Make sure you have a working phone number to receive calls
  • Dial eSanjeevani helpline number
  • Carefully follow prerecorded instructions
  • Provide necessary information and discuss health issues with the allotted doctor

So eSanjeevani allows access via website, mobile app, and simple phone call – ensuring healthcare for all.

Key Differences: eSanjeevani vs eSanjeevani OPD

Parameter eSanjeevani eSanjeevani OPD
Launch November 2019 April 2020
Purpose National telemedicine system Online doctor consultations
Key Feature Connecting doctors across India Home-based OPD consultations
First State to implement Andhra Pradesh Available pan-India
Target Users Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers Citizens across urban and rural areas
Usage during COVID Facilitated healthcare access Prevented contagion spread

While eSanjeevani focuses on overall connected healthcare, eSanjeevani OPD improves direct access between patients and doctors.

Benefits of eSanjeevani

For Patients:

  • Easy doctor consultations from home
  • Saves time for hospital visits
  • Cost effective, reduces travel expenses
  • Health monitoring and reminders
  • Better patient records maintenance

For Doctors:

  • Increased patient outreach
  • Access consultation history, medical records
  • Can offer follow-ups and health tips
  • Digital prescription and documentation
  • Analyze patient data and trends

eSanjeevani makes doctor consultations more efficient for both patients and medical practitioners.

eSanjeevani Security and Privacy Measures

eSanjeevani safeguards sensitive user data through:

  • Encryption of patient health information
  • Strict access control to records
  • Secure data transmission channels
  • Collection and retention of only necessary user information
  • Detailed activity logs and audits
  • Regular system updates and maintenance
  • Comprehensive employee training programs
  • Adherence to regulations like HIPAA

eSanjeevani Mobile App Features

Some key features of eSanjeevani app:

  • Telemedicine consultation services for patients
  • Book video/audio appointments with doctors
  • Manage Electronic Health Records
  • Health tracking tools and prescription reminders
  • Educational health resources for users
  • Option to sync data with wearables/fitness trackers
  • Seamless prescription renewal

So the app provides end-to-end health management and medical access.

Future Roadmap for eSanjeevani

eSanjeevani aims to expand with cutting-edge technologies like:

  • AR/VR tools for more interactive telemedicine
  • Predictive analytics using patient data and AI
  • Blockchain-based health records system
  • Collaboration with healthcare startups and academic institutes
  • Language and connectivity support for global outreach
  • Comprehensive integration across India’s digital health ecosystem

The focus is on scalability, security, accessibility, and high-quality healthcare for all.

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FAQs on eSanjeevani

  1. Is eSanjeevani free?

    Yes, eSanjeevani provides free doctor consultations and services to all citizens across India.

  2. How to consult doctors on eSanjeevani?

    • Visit eSanjeevani website or install the mobile app
    • Create your account and register
    • Book a video/audio appointment with a doctor
    • Have a consultation over a call at the scheduled time
  3. What does eSanjeevani mean?


    eSanjeevani translates to ‘e’ for ‘electronic’ and ‘sanjeevani’ means ‘cure’ or ‘remedy’. So it signifies online medical services.

  4. Who launched eSanjeevani app?

    The eSanjeevani mobile app and the platform were developed and launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India under the Ayushman Bharat program.


eSanjeevani is revolutionizing doctor consultations by enabling free telemedicine services across India. Patients now have easier access to quality healthcare right from their homes. It reduces the dependency on hospitals for basic check-ups and helps streamline the Indian healthcare system.


With powerful features and omnichannel access, eSanjeevani will help serve millions of patients not just in urban communities but even in remote rural areas. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of eSanjeevani covering how it works, its benefits and future roadmap. Adopting eSanjeevani platform paves the way for connected digital healthcare across India!