How To Know When To Change Contact Lenses?


Almost 40% of contact lens wearers do not change their contact lenses on time. Almost half of the people wearing contact lenses do not know when to get new contact lenses from Contact lenses must be replaced on time so that your health is not compromised by expired contact lenses. Continue reading to find out when to change your contact lenses.


When Should I Change My Contact Lenses?

Ignoring to replace your contact lenses can have serious setbacks to your health. This could include minor irritations to your eyes or redness and possibly a corneal ulcer that can cause permanent loss of vision. Contact lenses are always manufactured with an expiry date. The expiry date is the longest duration of validity of the contact lenses.

Manufacturers take into consideration that a vendor takes time to supply the contact lenses to the wearer. This is the reason why lenses can expire before the printed expiration date for long-wear contact lenses. Let’s look at all the different types of lenses and signs to know when to change contact lenses.

Daily Disposable Lenses:

About 4 out of 10 people use daily disposable lenses and the market is growing. Daily disposable lenses need to be replaced daily because these lenses are lighter and thinner. You will not need to carry lens solutions and cases because they can be disposed of after a day’s use. Trying to wear daily disposable lenses for more than a day can cause eye infections and other side-effects.

Weekly Disposable Lenses:

Weekly disposable lenses can be used without any qualms for a week or two based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some brands might need to be stored in a fresh solution overnight. Depending on the use of the lenses, weekly disposable lenses can show signs of expiration before the marked expiration date on the label. Consider setting a reminder so that you do not forget exactly when the lenses expire.


Monthly Disposable Lenses:

Monthly disposable lenses need to be changed after a month. Monthly disposable contact lenses must be stored in a lens solution overnight. The contact lenses will expire earlier if you fail to store them in the lens solution every night. Never sleep with your contact lenses on because this can damage your eyes.

Uncomfortable Or Deformed Contact Lenses That Cause Irritation:

Contact lenses are made of very delicate materials to be safely worn on the eyes. They will begin to show signs of deformation or damage once any pair of contact lenses expire. You will experience sensitivity to light, eye discharge, red eyes, dry eyes, and difficulty driving at night wearing expired contact lenses. Stay away from cigarette smoke and looking at screens for long periods while wearing contact lenses to make them last longer.

Replace your contact lenses if you see they are damaged, bent, or become cloudy. You can try to give them a saline rinse one last time before replacing them.

Buying Brand Name Lenses:

A majority of people avoid buying newer models in the hopes of saving money. This seems like a sensible approach to save money, but it can damage your eyes. Today many brand names have affordable products so you do not have to risk damag