How Long Does Orajel Work? and Why?


How Long Does Orajel Work – The Brand name Orajel wholesales Benzocaine a local anesthetic substance that is generally used as a pain reliever or sometimes even in cough drops. Orajel is a medicinal product naturally used as a mouth gel.  


Orajel can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy but how long does it really last for a toothache? Does it only work for mild toothaches or would it also work for more simple tooth pain? If you want the above question answered then you have to read this article carefully.

How Long Does Orajel Work?

How Long Does Orajel Work


What is Orajel?

It is a dental gel that aids in providing brief relief from the pain that is caused due to mouth ulcers or from wearing dental dentures. Orajel is mostly recommended for short-term use and should be used only when prescribed by a dentist. As Orajel’s main component is benzocaine, it used always used with suitable caution. It is highly advised that such type of medication should never be used unceasingly for a lengthy period.

Orajel is primarily prescribed for adults and children over the age of 12 years. Therefore, if it is to be used for children between 2 to 12 years, then you have to consult a health professional or dentist. Usually, it can be used up to 4 times daily but not for more than 4 days endlessly. If pain persists even after using the medication, one should consult their doctor or dentist in such scenarios. 


How Long Does Orajel Work?

Orajel, being a medicinal toothache and gum gel offers instant pain relief for severe toothaches as well as for other gum problems. It is known for giving instant pain breaks when applied. The benzocaine content in it helps to soothe the pain. It numbs the pain by killing harmful bacteria and by preventing infection.

Orajel delivers a cooling effect for gum-related problems. Orajel is available in easy-to-use tube form that provides ease of application. It must be kept in mind that Orajel should never be used for children that are below 2 years of age. Orajel is not intended for healing large skin areas or deep painful wounds. It is naturally used only for minor problems and helps in providing instant relief that is generally temporary. Orajel is to be used as and when needed and therefore does not require a dosing schedule. Care must be taken not to use it more than required i.e., not more than 4 times per day.

Why Does Orajel Last This Long?

Orajel is a medicine used for healing problems in the mouth. After Orajel is applied on the painful gums or anywhere inside the mouth, one should avoid eating anything for at least 1 hour after the Appling medication. Orajel is not made for feeding. Therefore, one should ensure that it should not be swallowed knowingly or even mistakenly while applying to gums or inside the mouth.

Orajel when used in the mouth for a lengthy period can cause a disorder called methemoglobinemia wherein the oxygen levels of the body become unsympathetically low. Such a condition might happen when the medication is not used with correct caution and may happen after the first use of benzocaine or after more than a few uses.

The relief provided by Orajel lasts for more than a few hours but it is not everlasting. Orajel is a temporary pain reliever that guarantees fast relief. Therefore, Orajel can be especially a boon for those who are unable to sleep at night due to painful toothaches or gum pain. Therefore, people with underlying dental difficulties and those planning for its long-term usage should consult a professional before using Orajel.


How can you use an Orajel-like product?

Your dentist uses the Orajel-like product as a numbing gel. Importance of it being a Pre-numbing gel and not a numbing gel. First, you have to dry the gums with a piece of gauze.

  1. Then, Apply the Orajel on a Q-tip and scrub it on the gums.
  2. Now, Let the gel sit for at least 1-2 minutes.
  3. Numb the tooth with an injection.

If you recall the last time, you had a tooth filling, the above 4 steps were how the process went. Even after applying the Orajel, when your dentist gave you that dental injection it is still seriously upset.

Why doesn’t Orajel numb the tooth completely?

The main reason why Orajel isn’t very effective for numbing the tooth is that the gel isn’t able to enter the surface of the tooth to reach the tooth nerve. This is why the product is branded as a topical anesthetic.

The label topical means that it only works on the external and not past that. This means that if you have nerve pain coming from within the tooth, rubbing the gel on the surface won’t do anything for the pain because it can’t range the inside of the tooth.

The Novocaine that your dentist uses to fully numb your tooth is not a topical anesthetic but rather a local anesthetic. This means that it works in a restricted region and it’s not limited to just surface effects like other topical anesthetics.


How to use Orajel Toothache Strips

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So now you know how long does Orajel work the effects of Orajel will only last up to 15-20 minutes but it isn’t very effective, to start with. It’s not able to fully numb the tooth because the gel isn’t able to enter through the tooth and into the nerve to numb it. At most, it’ll offer a tiny bit of relief but only for a mild toothache and it’ll only last for around 15-20 minutes. 

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