How cannabis can be used to heal


When you hear about marijuana in the news, it is rarely good news. Over time, with more discovery of the benefits it provides, that perspective of the herb is slowly changing. It is a $61 billion industry in the US, growing by 67% in 2020 and with 68% support for legalisation. These statistics show how attitudes toward the herb are changing with continuing legalisation across US states and the world.


One of the major causes of the change in perception is the use of medical marijuana. CBD, one of the elements of marijuana that has no psychoactive effects is growing in popularity compared to THC which has psychoactive effects. Both provide different health benefits which have caught the attention of the health industry and brought on more legalisation. Some of the benefits that have propelled this change are shared below.



Able To Treat PTSD

PTSD often happens to people after experiencing a traumatic event that causes fear, shock, or helplessness in the victim. Some of its long-term effects include anxiety, flashbacks, and difficulty sleeping. There are mixed reviews on the effects of marijuana on anxiety caused by PTSD. Some say that marijuana helps patients relax while others say that too much can increase anxiety.  A study was conducted to put the debate to rest and it was discovered that cannabis with low THC reduced stress while higher THC dosages had an opposite impact. In cases where PTSD sufferers consume marijuana to relieve symptoms, the most popular way of consuming are vaporizers. There are a few reasons behind this, with one being that vaporizers are discrete, which is the most important feature for people suffering from PTSD. Vaporizers can be bought online, from brands such as MagicVaporizers, and you can find some portable ones here.

Slows Alzheimer’s Progression

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common types of dementia that progresses over time. It impacts the brain negatively. Some of its effects include loss of memory and thinking skills to the point where a patient may find it difficult to carry out the simplest activities. It degenerates a patient’s cognitive ability. Symptoms include inflammation which cannabis is known to alleviate. Cannabis has cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory effects that fight inflammation caused by Alzheimer’s slowing down its progression. THC is also known to slow the formation of amyloid plaques which kill brain cells by blocking the brain enzyme that makes them. These plaques are associated with the progression of Alzheimer’s.



Inflammation is not just a common man’s problem but it also affects athletes regularly and often, it is relieved with drugs that have other negative side effects. It is the root cause of several chronic illnesses that affect many today. it affects the immune system and leads to organ, joint, and tissue damage all over the body. Cannabis shows great promise in treating not just inflammation, but the accompanying pain because of two major compounds, THC and CBD. Cannabinoids control the way the immune system responds and suppresses inflammatory responses. While both CBD and THC are helpful, CBD is more potent in alleviating inflammation and high CBD strains are a better choice for those suffering extreme inflammation.

Relieves Pain

Pain causes a lot of discomfort for any person depending on how severe it is. CBD, one of the chemical elements of cannabis, is a great remedy for soothing pain in almost any part of the body. It not only relieves ordinary pain but goes as far as relieving chronic and acute pain, muscle spasms and helps with muscle recovery. Over 66 percent of multiple sclerosis patients use it to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

Treatment for Epilepsy

Epilepsy, one of the most common neurological conditions in the world, is caused by an abnormal surge in electrical activity in the brain. This causes seizures where the patient loses control of body functions for a while. CBD in cannabis has provided relief for many patients with epilepsy. It not only works on pain signals but helps the entire messaging system. It is mostly consumed as oil rather than smoked.


The perspective of cannabis is changing with time with more and more discoveries of how beneficial it can be. Countries are slowly but surely legalizing its use, mostly for medicinal purposes and a few, for recreational use. One of those countries is Canada with online dispensariesSome of the medical benefits that make it worth the legalization are its positive effects on epilepsy, pain, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and inflammatory symptoms. With relief being seen in many patients without serious side effects, cannabis is becoming a force to reckon with that the medical industry is using to its advantage.

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