Kratom and Cardiovascular Health: 2023 Comprehensive Guide


Kratom and Cardiovascular Health

Kratom is a plant that generally originates from rainforests within the region of Southeast Asia. The plant has become increasingly more popular for both researchers as well as kratom enthusiasts for the numerous benefits the plant provides through its analgesic properties. There are many widely known effects of kratom that typically span pain relief, stimulative properties and stress reduction, however, researchers have continued to find additional benefits and effects that kratom can potentially provide. One such topic that has recently gained some traction is the relationship between kratom and cardiovascular health. We detail below some effects of kratom on cardiovascular health as well as general guidelines for holistic cardiovascular health.


Kratom and Cardiovascular Health


Understanding Cardiovascular Health

Having a healthy cardiovascular system is imperative for anyone looking to improve their well being. Our heart, blood vessels and circulation are crucial systems in our body for providing nutrients throughout the body. The cardiovascular system is one of the most important, if not the most important system, in our body that is necessary for everyday function and well-being. By having a healthy cardiovascular system, you can have increased energy, endurance and vitality.

Kratom Effects on Cardiovascular Health

The topic of the usage of kratom on our cardiovascular system has begun to catch steam within some researchers as well as general kratom and health enthusiasts. The topic is still premature in many of its findings, however, we detail some effects of kratom on the cardiovascular system based on both early preliminary research as well as personal reports from kratom users.

Blood Pressure Regulation: To begin, kratom’s effects on blood pressure regulation within the cardiovascular system is one of the most common and talked about topics. Many kratom users have anecdotal reports that some strains of kratom, specifically red strain kratom, can help with reducing blood pressure, even if temporary.


We wanted to note and stress that everybody’s body is different and there is no concrete evidence to support individual anecdotal reports. Because of this, you may not notice any decreased blood pressure while others do. Additionally, there are multiple other factors to consider when taking kratom for reducing blood pressure, ranging from strain type, age of the kratom, dosage of the kratom, and your current health status.

Vascular Relaxation: The alkaloids that are present within kratom, most notably mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, affect many receptors within the cardiovascular system as well as the general body overall. Some preliminary research has shown that kratom may help with vascular relaxation and may also improve blood flow. However, the kratom mechanisms are not fully mapped out and more research would be needed to make a concrete statement regarding kratom and vascular relaxation.

Stress Management and Heart Health: Stress is one of the most common risk factors for the appearance of any diseases relating to the cardiovascular system. Kratom has been shown to have potential anxiolytic effects that help specifically with managing stress within the human body. It is important to note that you should research the best kratom strains that promote these calm and relaxing effects. Through the direct benefit of stress reduction, kratom may indirectly benefit heart health through stress reduction.

Cautions and Considerations: As with any substance, it is important to use kratom with extreme caution, especially when seeking out cardiovascular effects. The most important factor when using kratom is the dosage size. Larger amounts of kratom may cause adverse negative effects on the heart or blood pressure, so it is important to always exercise caution and start with low dosages. If there are any pre-existing conditions regarding the cardiovascular system, it is imperative that you speak with a professional to ensure that kratom can be used safely in your case.

Evaluating Kratom Benefits: It is important to always assess your personal situation and determine if the potential benefits that kratom possesses will outweigh any potential risks that the plant may bring. Because the topic of cardiovascular effects is still in an infancy stage, you may not experience the positive effects that some personal anecdotes have suggested. Because there is a lack of detailed and storied historical research on the effects of kratom on the cardiovascular system, you should always have a cautious mindset and stay informed on the effects of the plant.


Considerations and Caution

As we alluded to this topic above, it is important to always have extreme caution and take all considerations into account when using kratom for its potential benefits on the cardiovascular system. We have detailed some important things to take note of below when taking kratom.

Individual Variability: It is important to note that everybody’s body works differently. Just because one person has an anecdotal experience with kratom does not mean you will as well. It is important to always listen to your body and monitor effects for yourself while maintaining safety through low doses.

Dosage: As mentioned above, dosages are extremely important to take note of. Higher doses of kratom will typically provide different effects of kratom when compared to lower dosages. As always, it is imperative that you avoid excessive dosages as these can cause negative reactions within the body. We always recommend to start with a low dosage and gradually increase your way up while listening to your body. Lastly, we always recommend listening to the recommended guidelines for any kratom product you are taking.

Interaction with Medications: As with most other substances, it is imperative that you speak with healthcare professionals if you are taking any prescription medications alongside kratom. The alkaloids that are present in kratom may have adverse reactions with your existing medications.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Similar to interactions with medications, it is important for people with pre-existing conditions to take caution when considering taking kratom. We always recommend speaking with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.


Quality and Source: Not all kratom products are made equal! We always recommend researching the kratom vendors you are purchasing from to determine which are the best kratom brands in the market. We always recommend purchasing from online kratom vendors with detailed lab reports as well as positive customer reviews.

Pregnancy and Nursing: As it stands, there is very little research regarding the use of kratom during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Because of this, we do not recommend taking kratom during these periods until more information comes out around this topic.

Holistic Approach for Heart Health Through Kratom

Kratom can be a great alternative to help with heart health, as noted through many personal anecdotes, but it is important to realize the limited evidence that is currently out there. Heart health is a holistic issue and even though kratom may help, it is important that you do not neglect diet, exercise, stress management and sleep.

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