The Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils


Being healthy is one of the best goals that a person can focus on. If you’re healthy, you can avoid the risk of illnesses; thus, you can live longer. Being healthy also means being able to do more things, such as attending to your loved ones and friends.


As health is vital, people take many steps to maintain it. For one, others spend time on different types of diets. Some popular diets many try are the Dukan, intermittent, ketogenic, Mediterranean, and low-carb diets.

Besides diets, others also choose physical activities. People can do physical activities like biking, running, gym exercises, and dancing to improve their minds and body. They can do these things together with taking supplements that boost endurance and energy.

Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils


Another thing that people do to maintain their health is to use essential oils.


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are plant compounds that have undergone extraction. There are three ways in which these oils are extracted: expression, steam distillation, and supercritical C02 extraction. These methods aim to capture the plant’s unique essence, including its aroma and flavor.

These oils have a stronger scent and contain more active ingredients than the plants they’re derived from. This is due to the significant amount of plant material used to produce a small amount of oil.

How To Use Essential Oils

People can use essential oils in various ways. For one, they can be diluted with a carrier oil and put straight onto your skin. You can also try inhaling them through a humidifier, diffuser, or bottle.

In addition, you can get creative and add some essential oils to your shampoo or body wash. Lastly, you can try using fragrance oils for perfume. Fragrance oils are synthetic or artificially created scents designed to mimic the aroma of natural materials such as flowers, fruits, and spices.

Types Of Essential Oils

There are many types of essential oils on the market today. You can choose one depending on your personal preferences.


Here are some examples of essential oils that you can use:

  • Cedarwood
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Grapefruit
  • Roman Chamomile

You can buy one that’s either organic or non-organic. If you choose organic essential oils, it’s helpful to know more about them.

Organic essential oils are extracted from plants and prepared without pesticides or other artificial additives. Many people who use essential oils think organic oils are ideal in terms of scent, quality, and benefits.

Potential Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils have many potential benefits. Though more studies are needed to prove that they help a person physically and mentally, it’s still helpful to know more about these benefits.

Knowing these possible benefits is crucial, as it can help you decide if buying organic essential oils is worth it. So, here are two examples of benefits that may help you:


1. May Promote Quality Sleep

The number of individuals suffering from sleep disorders is increasing, making it a significant health concern. Fortunately, various treatment options are available to help manage the condition, such as undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy, taking prescription drugs like melatonin, or creating a bedtime routine. Organic essential oils, such as lavender, might also help.

Lavender essential oil is a natural remedy for sleep and relaxation due to its soothing properties. Some examples of compounds that lavender has are linalool and linalyl acetate.

These two compounds are shown to have central nervous system depressant properties. Linalool has sedative effects, while linalyl acetate shows narcotic actions based on a review (a narcotic drug works by relieving pain, easing the senses, and causing sleep if taken moderately).

2. May Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety can happen to anyone. There are many reasons why some people get anxious. For one, it may be because of stress or extreme pressure at work or school. Although anxiety is a normal part of life, clinical anxiety isn’t.

Clinical anxiety makes it hard to function normally in everyday situations. For instance, some people might avoid conversations with strangers or limit their chance to speak out their opinion because of this mental health condition.


If you’re experiencing anxiety, there are many ways to alleviate it. Some ways to address this issue include practicing breathing exercises, using medications, and attending psychotherapy. Another possible step that you can take is to use organic essential oils.

Although organic essential oils are not enough to treat mental health issues alone, some healthcare experts believe they can still help when used alongside other treatments.


Organic essential oils are plant compounds obtained and prepared without pesticides or artificial additives. Some believe these oils outperform conventional ones in terms of quality, scent, and benefits. Although more studies are needed to prove that these oils can improve one’s health, they hold promises that may be useful as time goes by.

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