5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Organic Tea


The medical community is continually launching campaigns to influence people to focus on changing their current lifestyle to a healthier one. They encourage the consumption of health-boosting foods and beverages.


The campaigns were effective. People have started to turn away from heavily processed food. They now prefer organic food and prepare the food themselves to live a healthier life.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to make the food themselves or have direct access to organic produce. Thankfully, people have the alternative to buy readymade organic products from local stores and shops.

However, if you’re having a hard time transitioning to organic foods, you can start by drinking organic tea. You might be wondering now, teas, by default, are already organic, right? That’s true. But know that most of the teas available on store shelves are heavily processed and may contain insecticides and pesticides. Before a brand of tea is labeled as organic, the farmer or manufacturer must meet certain standards.

Currently, organic loose leaf herbal tea is the preferred choice people introduce to others who want to shift to everything organic. However, before you think about brands or manufacturers, you think about why you should start drinking organic tea.


Health Benefits Of Drinking Organic Tea


Below are some of the benefits you’ll get from this healthy beverage.

1. Boosts Antioxidants

Your body has free radicals that cause cellular damage or oxidative stress. It’s believed that they cause premature aging, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. And since organic tea contains antioxidants—compounds that counteract free radicals—drinking it may help reduce the damage free radicals cause to the body and in turn may prevent you from multiple life-threatening illnesses.

However, note that not all tea contains antioxidants. For one, black tea only contains trace amounts of antioxidants because of the fermentation process the leaves go through. So, if you want to boost the antioxidants in your body, you should consider taking green tea instead of black tea.

On the other hand, if you want to further improve your chances of not contracting life-threatening diseases, you may want to drink organic rose tea. Rose tea contains high amounts of polyphenol, and some studies suggest that polyphenols are effective in fighting diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.


2. Improves Immunity

Experts assert that organic tea is rich in some types of vitamins that can greatly strengthen your immune system. Most teas are rich in biotin or vitamin H. This macronutrient helps greatly when it comes to metabolism, skin regeneration, and hair growth.

Aside from biotin, organic teas also contain vitamin D. This vitamin helps in building healthy teeth and bones. It also reduces the negative effects of infections and depression.

3. Regulates Blood Sugar

Consuming organic tea is believed to reduce the risk of contracting diabetes. Tea contains prebiotics, elements that encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. It also helps with glucose level management as it can influence blood sugar spikes caused by food. People living with blood sugar illness can benefit from organic tea as it delays the rate of sugar release.

Organic tea made from cinnamon and sage is believed to reduce your appetite which can help you reduce your weight. If you’re fasting, it’s recommended that you should consume sage tea. It can curb your hunger and slow down the release of sugar from starch, which then lowers the risk of diabetes.

4. Increases Hydration

Water is essential for keeping your body hydrated. As organic tea contains water, organic tea is also an excellent addition to your diet as it also helps in getting you hydrated.


However, if you have caffeine sensitivity, it’s advised not to consume too much tea. If you find yourself drinking too much of the good stuff, you may want to dilute your tea with fruits such as lemons and other herbs.

5. Lowers Stress Levels

Organic tea also contains the amino acid theanine. Other sources of this organic compound are mushrooms and supplements.

Experts believe that theanine can help lower stress and soothe your body. This amino acid is highly soluble in water and can be easily absorbed when you drink tea. If you’re feeling distressed, you may drink a cup of organic tea. It may improve your heartbeat and blood pressure whenever you feel stressed out.

On the other hand, doctors often advise people to switch to organic tea instead if their patients drink coffee a lot and feel annoyed frequently. This is because the theanine content of tea may lower the response of your nervous system towards stress.

If you’re looking for a coffee alternative too, rose tea is a good choice. It’s very rich in theanine, making it a suitable drink for you whenever you want to relax or sleep. If rose isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to take chicory root instead as it also tastes like coffee.


Final Thoughts

Organic tea offers a lot of health benefits. However, it’s important to remember that you need to properly consume it to gain all the benefits mentioned above. Consider seeking help to know how to prepare organic tea properly. Different types of tea require different ways of preparation, which involves using the right water temperature and getting the right steep time.

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