Contemplating whether or not to invest in a gym management software? Here’s what you should know before buying…

In this digital age, a lot of businesses of different natures and from different industries have become majorly dependent on digital solutions to streamline their business processes and operations. It used to be just the product-based companies that were willing to invest in information systems to fast-track their processes and maintaining the integrity and accuracy of their data. Eventually, however, even service-oriented establishments have learned to see and appreciate the potential that information systems can contribute to help their businesses keep up with the competition. For instance, in the fitness industry, millions of gyms and fitness centers from first to even third-world countries are already using gym management software to better serve their customers.

If you own a gym, although you can do just fine without a gym management software, how it can greatly transform your business makes it a truly worthy investment. In fact, it is something not only you and your staff will be thankful for having as your customers will highly likely feel the difference too.

Gym Management Software and Its Common Features

A gym management software is a type of computer program that comes with features designed to help a gym run or operate better. The fundamental features of a gym management software usually include gym class schedules, membership management wherein processes from registration to billing are automated, and reporting facilities that are aimed to guide the owners in their decision making. Most software vendors can offer beyond that depending on the end-user’s requirements. The advanced software may come with employee portals listing each’s profiles, tasks, and schedules for easy monitoring.

While a plethora of gym management software is now widely available, not all of them are guaranteed a good fit for your needs. And as features can impact a gym management software’s price, you have to carefully assess whether you will truly need each feature of the software you are eying on or not. Otherwise, every unused feature is going to be a waste of money.

To help you decide better, take a look at the common gym management software features below:

  1. Online Engagement and Sales. Gym membership registration will no longer have to be manually done and paper-filing will be eradicated; thanks to this feature. As the gym owner, you can even utilize the best of technology and impress your customers by deploying a kiosk in your entrance area wherein new interested visitors can just register their details on it and the registered entries will be confirmed once payment has been made on the counter. Or if your gym management software is web-based, it would be a lot easier for interested gym enthusiasts to apply for membership online. In this case, the membership portal will definitely be up and available 24/7 provided the host server has a reliable internet connection.
  2. Electronic Contracts and Waivers. This features send-outs of digital copies of contracts and waivers, eradicating loads of physical file-keeping. Registration and legal considerations and agreements will also be streamlined with the help of this feature.
  3. Text and Email Management. This feature allows owners and staff to easily communicate with their clients and members through emails and SMS. There will be a portal wherein the user will just have to input the message template and then the program will see to it that the message will be sent out to every contact number and email address in the database.

As a gym owner, you can also use this feature to enhance your relationship with your customers by setting automated SMS or email for birthday greetings or promotional offers.

  1. Automated Scheduling. This feature allows members to enroll for programs, personal training, and classes online, streamlining the process and eradicating unnecessary queues that will have needed additional staff for. Generally, this helps owners manage their class sizes and plan for staff shifting more efficiently.
  1. Member Progress Management and Performance Monitoring. This fun feature helps members track their performance from time to time for them to stay on top of their goals. If the software is web-based and comes with a mobile app, gym members will just have to log in using their accounts to see which classes they have already completed and which ones they still have to. Tracking a member’s progress will come handy with this feature in place.
  2. Computerized Billing. This features data storage and real-time updating of billing records so that gym owners will be able to stay on top when it comes to ensuring that customers are efficiently paying their dues. Depending on the software, it can allow users to set scheduled email send-outs to notify gym members ahead of their due dates. Besides this, additional key features calculating the cancellation costs, late payment fees, and no-show penalties may also be in place.
  3. Membership Portal and Real-Time Reporting. This feature allows the gym owner to have a wider view of his clientele. The information at hand will help owners identify which areas need improvement in terms of the services and products offered, and even when it comes to financial decision-making.
  1. Usually comes as an add-on, this feature saves a lot of administrative works that an owner has to perform in manning the gym’s human resource. It will help streamline monitoring and payroll computation of the staff based on their biometric entries, the classes they handle, or the volume of tasks they are assigned to.

Who uses it?

Gym management software is not only for traditional gym owners. It can facilitate the same business transformation to other fitness centers focusing on yoga, dance studios, and gymnastics. Even personal trainers can benefit from using the most basic gym management software. So long as the business focuses on offering fitness services and classes, gym management software will be a great investment.

How much does it cost

Most promising gym management software in today’s market is offered in subscription terms, i.e. interested users will just need to pay for the monthly subscription fee to get uninterrupted access to the software’s best features. In some reliable gym software firms, pro versions that already include a payroll system are available for a price ranging from $45-50 a month. For such an affordable amount, gym owners are already able to streamline their processes and get the best digital assistance they need.


Managing a gym is a huge responsibility but that is what gym management software is for. Such digital solutions will automate the processes so you and your staff will be able to use your time addressing important concerns at an optimum.