Getting Invisalign? What To Expect On Your Consultation


A smile is a great way to complete your look. Sadly, if you’ve been hesitant to flash your pearly whites due to an aesthetic concern, Invisalign may be an option worth considering.


If you’re not fully familiar with what Invisalign is allabout, it essentially aids in aligning your teeth, ensuring an improvement in overall appearance. An advantage is that it utilizes invisible aligners, allowing you to smile without visible gear in your mouth, like a conventional brace.

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign comprises transparent aligners you slip on your teeth. A perk is that it no longer involves metal brackets and archwires like traditional braces. As part of care, you remove the aligners while brushing your teeth, and your diet won’t be affected since you can readily take them out every time you eat.

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What To Expect On Your Invisalign Consultation 

If one of your goals is to achieve a beautiful smile, Invisalign may be worth considering. Once you’re ready, the initial step is to schedule a consultation with your dentist. You can book your free Invisalign consultation from a reputable provider to ensure a head start in your journey to achieving an amazing smile.


Generally, the appointments are all part of the steps to help you achieve a straight and beautiful smile you can be proud of. Here are the insights on what to expect during your consultation.

1. The Initial Appointment With Your Dentist

Your first consultation with your dentist involves a thorough examination of your teeth. The dentist will gather your medical and dental history if you’re a new patient. Generally, the first appointment will take the longest, usually lasting for one to two hours.

The dentist will confirm if Invisalign is a good option for you. It’s crucial to note that some individuals may not be suitable candidates for this teeth alignment process. If you have crowded teeth, an overbite, or an underbite, you may be a suitable candidate for the alignment procedure.

At this point, it’s also the best time to ask questions or voice any concerns, especially about the timeframe of the teeth alignment process, the cost, care, and how it’d fit into your lifestyle.

2. Comprehensive Evaluation Of Your Mouth And Teeth

The dentist will take records of your teeth and bite to plan your Invisalign treatment. Generally, the dentist will conduct the following:

  • A dental X-ray is one of the requirements that involve taking panoramic or full-mouth images. Doing so allows your dentist to scrutinize the condition and position of the roots of your teeth and the jawbone.
  • Bite registration will determine how the upper and lower teeth fit together. The dentist performs this by applying a fast-setting paste onto your teeth before instructing you to bite down. As the paste sets, it serves as a record of your bite.
  • Dental impressions are a copy of your teeth. The dentist will place putty into a tray to obtain an imprint of your teeth.
  • Photos of your face and teeth, including shots that cover various angles

As you can see, all of these are crucial in creating an accurate model of your mouth and teeth. Your dentist will send out the impressions to the Invisalign laboratory.

3. Discussion Of Your Treatment Plan

Once you’re done with the necessary evaluations, the next step is discussing your treatment plan. If your dentist has to send your impressions to an Invisalign laboratory, you’ll be guided on the steps of the entire process and give estimates on treatment time.

The dentist will also discuss the current condition of your teeth and the tooth alignment changes to expect whether you have crowded teeth or an underbite. Once the lab has received your impressions, they’ll start the creation of your custom plastic aligners.

What Happens After The Initial Consultation?

The next time you’ll return to your dentist is once your custom aligners are available. Your dentist will guide you through the placement of the aligners in your mouth for the first time, discuss the number of hours you need to use them, and how often to change them, to name a few.

After leaving the dental clinic with your first set of aligners, you’ll wear them for around six to eight weeks. Your dentist will check to see if your teeth are moving properly after this period. You’ll also receive brand-new aligners that you’ll use until your subsequent dental appointment.


Final Thoughts

Invisalign is a treatment option worth considering if you want to fix your smile. The discreet nature of the treatment is an advantage while at the same time ensuring a comfortable process to straighten your teeth. If you need more clarification about getting Invisalign, knowing what to expect during your first appointment ensures a good head start in achieving a beautiful smile.

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