How To Get Free STD Testing Done In New York?


STD, or sexually transmitted diseases have something that has become a norm these days. This may not have anything to do with your sexual preferences or other similar practices. But, getting tested for STD is one of the safest routes to stay healthy. We offer you a few ways that you get STD testing done and stay healthy. If you are staying in New York, here are a few methods you can use to opt for free STD testing in NYC.


Why Should You Get Tested For STD?

Well, if you are sexually active – it is quite necessary that you should get tested yourself for STD. Regular testing is actually the need of the hour.

free std testing in nyc


In fact, whether you are too much active in sexual activity or not, it is a wise act to get yourself to be tested for STD at least once. Though there is a high-risk group associated with it, still you anyone who has sex stands a possibility of contracting STD. Ailments like Bacterial Vaginitis do not necessarily result from an active sexual contact.

How To Opt for free STD testing NYC?

Well, there are several ways you can get yourself tested for STD in NYC. By virtue of it being a something quite much private issue, you may have your own reservations about opting for any specific STD testing options at your disposal. However, given the fact that it is something you are bound to be address – you cannot, as such, postpone the decision indefinitely.

That is precisely why we would present you a couple of ways you can use for free STD test NYC. Before you can opt for a free STD testing, let us make you understand that the STDs are not necessarily caused because of sexual contact alone. Even the normal skin to skin contact can spread STD.


Home test STD Kits

This should be the most easy and anonymous kind of test that would help you find if you are infected with STD. If you are trying to find anonymous STD testing in NYC, your search should end with this mode of free STD testing NYC. TheAt Home STD test kits ensure privacy at their best.

As long as you have bought it from a good place, you stand to be assured of complete confidentiality. The home testing kits are the cheapest when it comes to the affordability. You do not need to go for the appointment or visit a hospital. Get the kits, perform the test by following the instructions and send the samples back to them for analysis and report.

However, the method suffers a few aspects thus making it a little unreliable. You are not sure whether you are getting a product that adheres to FDA standards. There is a possibility that the results may not be accurate. And then, what if you get a positive result? You are not left alone. No option for counseling is something that you would not like.

Online Test Labs

This is yet another method that may work wonders if confidentiality is what you are looking for. There are many anonymous STD testing in NYC.

The tests are conducted in traditional labs. That is exactly what would make it a great option if you want to make use of both the options – confidentiality and reliability. The tests are highly accurate on one hand, while they ensure that your information is kept private. Moreover, most of the online STD test labs offer you optional counseling.The service is affordable as well. In fact, a few online STD Testing services offer you the option of billing you directly to your insurance provider.


The lab uses a code to identify you. Your identity is secured and kept confidential all through the process. It just takes you only around 5 minutes to submit the samples and get your reports.

Free STD Testing In New York

This is the most convenient, reliable and best option you can opt for. This is the best place you can opt for if you want free STD testing NYC.

If you think of affordability, this is the best you can get. The health service units like Parkmed take care of your sexual health and well being. The services offered by these organizations cover a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Trichamonas, Herpes and HPV. Many of these testing centers offer you the services for free. The tests are conducted in hospitals and should be accurate as in the case of online labs we discussed above.

The only disadvantage can be the fact that you and your test results will not remain anonymous. You will need to provide all your details to the hospital for the testing and test results. But yes, there is a mandatory counseling provided by most of the hospitals and clinics.

The Concluding Thoughts

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD is one of most overlooked, but serious concerns in terms of proper up keeping of your health. Most of us avoid getting tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases because of the fact that we do not want the world around us to know they have STD. But, beware – STD is not necessarily something you can contract only through sexual contact. You may catch it through several other modes as well.


That is precisely why it is important to test for STD regularly. Though it was quite embarrassing to know that you have STD, times have been changing these days and people have been understanding the possibility and reasons for contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. After all, your health matters the most, not someone else’s opinion.

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