How to Effectively Remove Corns from Your Feet


When you visit a pharmacy store, you will always notice a corner shelf full of different products to treat and remove corns. Well, this is a good place to start when looking for relief. Nonetheless, to give you a better understanding of what corn is, these are the thickened areas of skin that usually appear on your feet.


remove corns


They have similarities with a callus, but the difference is that corns are harder, smaller, and more painful. If you notice one on your feet, you don’t need to panic as it is not life-threatening. However, they can irritate and can become quite painful. One thing you should know about corns is that they are not a skin disease, contrary to other’s misconception. This is the way your body response to pressure or friction on the skin. If you are experiencing one, here are some ways to effectively remove corns from your feet.

Sand Down

If the corn on your feet is causing too much pain, one thing you can do is to scuff away gently some of the dead cells so that it won’t put further force on your nerves. After having a warm bath, when your body is wet and your skin becomes softer, rub a hard stone or pumice on the corn to remove the dead cells. Do not expect that it will be removed in one sitting. Instead, be patient and scrape it a little every day. If the corn is very thick, sanding it down might take longer than usual.

Apply Moisturizer

If you do not want to scrape off your corn, another effective way to have them removed is to wet and moisturize them until they become soft. When treating a corn using a moisturizer, make sure what you are applying has salicylic acid and ammonium lactate. According to experts, these ingredients help soften your hard corns faster. If you find moisturizers expensive, you can try to soak them in water with Epsom salts.



Relieve the Pressure

To protect your corn from too much pressure, surround it with adhesive pads and place it around your corn. You can buy these pads at your local drugstore. You may also wear socks that have very thick, soles. They can prevent your corns from getting unpleasant feelings. One tip experts suggest you not doing is to avoid your corns rubbing with your toes to lessen the friction. You may also apply a stick foam toe separator between them. You can have these in the foot-care section at your local pharmacy near you.

Prevention is Key

A common cause of corns is wearing shoes that do not fit you. You should have a space between your longest toe and at the tip of the shoe. Your shoes should have enough space so that your toes are not cramped from end to end. Get the perfect size for you. When buying shoes, experts suggest that you purchase somewhere between 1 pm till later afternoon because that is the time your feet are plumpest.

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Remember that corns do not stay forever, and they go away once the friction or pressure causing them stops. However, if you are unsure where you get these corns, always consult your doctor right away to remove them.


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