Top Three Reasons To Get Facial Feminization NYC


It is not unusual for people to be born with a face and body that they are not happy with; the unhappiness and struggle go beyond skin deep, where they firmly believe that their outward appearance is not in accordance with how they feel they are. This conflict can bring about depression, discontentment, and even self-harm. There is freedom in owning who you are and for some, they have to change their appearance so that they can be truly who they want to be in life. This is the kind of struggle that transgender persons have and in the past, they were confined to either hiding their true self from others or donning on costumes and masks to hide who they are physically. With better and advanced surgical procedures and equipment, there is now a way to get facial feminization NYC to give transgender people a chance at staying true to who they are.


Dressing as a woman is what most transgender people start with but since their facial features are dominantly male, they would still not be able to achieve that feminine appearance that would make them feel good about their selves and other people would still label them as different or a freak. It is important for transgender people to change their appearance from masculine to feminine because it enables them to correctly identify with who they feel and believe they are.

Like a woman trapped in a man’s body or face, and hence facial feminization procedure will help them finally achieve that female appearance. Facial reconstruction surgery allows transgender women to become more feminine so that the traces of who they were in the past would finally be gone. After the surgery, they can now be able to look into the mirror and say, this is me, this is who I was underneath that male face and body. Although, it is obvious that surgery facilitates the transformation of transgender women, there are also important reasons to consider in going through the procedure. Read on to find out the top three reasons why transgender women should have a facial feminization NYC procedure.

1. Female Feminization NYC is done by the best reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.

Facial feminization NYC procedures are quite delicate and extensive, it involves restructuring the facial muscles and bones that it takes a special kind of training and skills to be able to successfully do this. All surgeons who carry out this procedure have had extensive training in doing craniofacial surgeries wherein they are trained in handling and performing surgeries in the most delicate part of the body, from the softest tissues and bony structure of the face. A miscalculation of any of the cranial features would result in more harm than good. They have a very good understanding of facial expressions and gender-specific features, which enables them to transform a masculine face to become the feminine version of it. This can only be had by intensive training and practice which the surgeons of female feminization clinics have gone through.

2. Female Feminization NYC surgeries are safe and the results are evident in just a few weeks.

Since female feminization NYC surgeries are delicate and so important for transgender woman patients, it is done in the strictest environment to make sure that it is completely safe for the patient and that it follows all the health precautions and procedures just like going to a hospital or the operating room. Although it is considered cosmetic surgery, facial feminization is still a very delicate and labor-intensive procedure and only the steadiest of hands will be able to do it successfully as the face is very delicate and there are a lot of nerves underneath the surface. Any mistake could result in loss of muscle movement in that area or inability to display facial expressions. The procedure is done in a sterile clinic and only the best cosmetic surgeons and nurses will work with you. Any pre-existing conditions will be examined and if there are instances when the surgery would be risky for the patient, the surgery will be rescheduled until the patient is physically and emotionally prepared for it. Moreover, the surgery can be done in one session and it will transform the patient’s face once the swelling and recovery are over. In as early as six weeks after the surgery, the patient can begin to see the difference and how female-like their faces and necks will be.


3. Facial Feminization NYC will complete your transformation

As a transgender woman transition into a female body, she has to take on the clothes, the shoes, the make-up, the hair, and the physique of a woman to facilitate that change. This is an important step as it signals the start of the process of becoming who the person truly is, and getting a facial feminization NYC procedure will complete that process. Clothes, hairstyles and accessories and even taking estrogen will only do as much. If the transgender woman looks at herself in the mirror and a masculine face stares at her then she will still be trapped in there. To achieve complete transformation, one has to have sex reassignment surgery but this is still something that not all transgender people do as it can be very expensive and one has to pass a psychological assessment for it. It is far more accessible to complete one’s transformation and when your face is transformed into a more feminine appearance, the transgender patient will feel better about themselves.

There is no one-size-fits approach to female feminization NYC procedures, each face is unique and will present with different features, hence each treatment and procedure will be different for each patient. The patient can be assured that she will only get the best care from experts and with the highest standards of healthcare. Coupled with facial feminization surgeries, the patient can also opt to have other cosmetic surgeries that will further enhance her feminine appearance such as shaving Adam’s apple, lowering the hairline, and making the earlobe a bit smaller and female like.

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