Easy Tips for Making Yoga and Fitness Videos


Are you interested in making yoga and fitness videos for social media platforms or even for online workshops? Are you searching for the best and the easiest tips for doing so? Well, you have come to the right place!


When it comes to making yoga and fitness videos, there are many things you need to take care of. You need the right camera equipment, lighting, audio, and a free video maker like Promo.

In this guide, we’ll give you some of the easiest tips for making yoga and fitness videos.

7 Tips For Making Yoga and Fitness Videos

There are many yoga and fitness videos available online. Yet, not all have a good audience reach. This is because many creators know what they want to do but they don’t know how to implement it or use editing tools like a free video maker.

By following the below-mentioned tips, you’ll know how to implement your yoga and fitness video-making plans:


Tip 1: Know What You Need to Shoot

Before you begin making yoga and fitness videos, it’s essential to know what you’re willing to shoot.

Keep in mind that when you’re posting video content, you’re posting it for different types of people – ranging from beginners to experts. So, you need to curate your yoga or fitness routine accordingly.

Moreover, make sure that you go for short videos (less than five minutes) initially to get used to video-making.

Apart from simply focusing on the fitness part, it’s always a good idea to give some additional tips. For instance, you can let your audience know about some common exercise or diet mistakes. So, try to note down these points before you record.

Tip 2: Plan The Flow Beforehand

Here’s one main piece of advice for you: Don’t keep anything for the last minute.


Many fitness video creators often make the mistake of not planning the flow beforehand. This causes the videos to look messy, patchy, and unorganized.

So, you need to plan the entire sequence of your video. For instance:

  • Decide if you want to have an intro or outro.
  • Plan if you want to go for one entire shot or various little sequences.
  • Decide the camera angles and whether you want only one or many angles.
  • Have a rough idea for the audio or music.

Once you have planned everything, write down the flow so you don’t get confused while shooting or editing the video.

Tip 3: Set The Camera Properly


You have various options today to shoot your videos. You can either go for your iPhone or even a DSLR camera.


If you’re low on budget, try using your phone’s camera in horizontal format. Also, keep your phone on airplane mode so you don’t get distracted. But if you want to create professional videos, a DSLR is the better option.

Moreover, you may want to use a tripod that can prevent shaky videos. If you don’t have that, place your camera on a stable surface, like a table.

Another thing to keep in mind is the lighting. Whenever you shoot the video, make sure you’re standing beside a window or a light source. However, don’t stand directly below the light source.

Lastly, always make sure that there are no distractions or clutter in the background when you’re shooting your video. So, throw away all the trash, cups, and stand near an area with a clear background.

If you’re shooting a video in your fitness or yoga studio, make sure that the name or logo is visible!


Tip 4: Choose The Right Audio

Audio is a huge part of your yoga and fitness videos to attract and motivate your viewers. The right playlist can help your viewers stay energetic and focussed throughout the workout or yoga session.

First, you need to decide what kind of audio you’re looking for. If you’re creating yoga videos, soothing background music works well. As for high-energy workouts, upbeat music is obviously a better choice. If you don’t want the hassle of finding good audio, you can try a free video maker with template sounds.

Apart from the background music, you also need to take care of your voice and audio. There are three options for this:

  • If there’s no disturbance or noise, you can speak loudly with full confidence.
  • For noisy areas, go for a wireless microphone to plug with your phone or camera.
  • Don’t record the audio with visuals. Instead, record and add your audio like a voiceover.

Tip 5: Focus On Editing and Tools Such As A Free Video Maker

Editing is the most powerful tool for video creators as it can convert a simple video into an advanced one. Thankfully, you can use a free video maker to edit your videos without any huge overhead costs.


For instance, you can play with the lighting or brightness of the video to ensure that it doesn’t look dull. Then, you can add timers to your videos or even other fonts to make the videos more interactive.

When it comes to the audio, make sure that you’re syncing the audio correctly with the video. Also, don’t forget to adjust the volume. If you’re speaking too, lower down the sound of background music to avoid distractions.

Tip 6: Practice Properly

Recording videos may seem like an easy task but if you don’t practice beforehand, it can be a disaster! So, no matter how easy it looks, practice before actually recording a video.

Check out the equipment, camera settings, and any tools like a free video maker before you begin. This will help you get familiar with the process.

Moreover, try to record videos in segments initially so if you mess up anywhere, you won’t have to redo or edit the entire video.


Tip 7: Be Your Natural Self

Lastly, don’t allow yourself to become conscious when you’re in front of the camera. Look right into it, maintain eye contact, and record your videos with a confident smile. Nothing can attract users more than a motivational and friendly fitness or yoga guru!

Also, when you’re speaking, take care of your tone. You shouldn’t sound too bored nor too over-motivational. Talk like you normally do and it will work wonders!

Final Thoughts

In the era of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, fitness videos are an excellent way to kickstart your career as a trainer. Moreover, if you’re a fitness studio owner, it can even help in promoting your business and attracting more clients.

So, keep these tips in mind whenever you create your next video!

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