Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth 2023, Salary, Age, Height, Bio


Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth 2023, Salary, Age, Height, Bio – Bakhar Nabieva is one of the most talented fitness professionals, bodybuilding athletes, fitness models, and Social media influencers of this time. Here we have covered her biography.


If you wish to know more about Bakhar Nabieva, we have some decent news for you here you will get the details of Bakhar Nabieva’s net worth age, affairs, educational background, salary, and a lot more information.

Bakhar Nabieva is familiar to her 3 million plus Instagram admirers as “Miss Iron Bum”, and it’s easy to see why. The Azerbaijani fitness model and coach have become internet famous for her killer legs and incredible physique.

Now, simply for muscle mass, streamlining, and building, she is one of the most surveyed powerlifters and fitness models on the planet.

Some fans, particularly those who have been following her over the past few years, might remember Nabieva from the days when she just wore all-black contact lenses.


Simply joint with her intense—and extensive—tattoos, she surely had a very special look. Nabieva has retired the demonic-looking contact lenses for now.

Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth 2023, Salary, Age, Height, Bio

Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth


Now, from a skinny girl that got intimidated by her legs to one of the most influential weightlifting powerhouses in the US, Bakhar Nabieva has come a long, long way.

Simply crafting the physique, she’s got wasn’t easy for her, either—it took years of commitment, hard work, and self-discipline.

Bakhar Nabieva’s Origin Story

Bakhar Nabieva was born on April 8, 1994, in Mingachevir, Azerbaijan. She has an older sister, and when Bakhar was 6 years old, her parents filled them both up and moved the complete family to Dnipro.


Then, as a kid, Nabieva described herself as “very skinny, [I] had thin legs” which caused her to get intimidated by other kids in her class. Now, while Bakhar didn’t understand why kids made fun of her because of something as trivial as her legs, it still made school hard.

Simply Living in Ukraine, Bakhar says everything started coming together for her. She also enrolled at school, and then at college, started her fitness journey, and started building the foundations of her future territory.

Nabieva finally moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue even more chances to grow her brand and grow her career as an influencer. Bakhar Nabieva is presently living the bachelorette lifestyle in Miami, with her dog, Blu.

Discuss Bakhar Nabieva Building Her Body

She was tired of being intimidated by her skinny body and excited about an opportunity to start afresh and change her life, Nabieva started going to the gym as a teen.

Inconveniently, those early days at the gym didn’t support me. The young fitness confident had no idea what to do—and nobody to show her.


She didn’t know about the rudiments of building a weight and resistance routine—how you can count reps and sets (or even what reps and sets were), when to squat and when to lift, or how you can simply build an effective routine.

Now, instead of getting some training, Bakhar threw herself into her version of weight lifting and she didn’t count reps, and she worked only on the areas she had a problem with largely her legs.

Now, while she might not have had any actual form, she had determination and after a few months of assiduously working on her frame, Nabieva hit her stride.

She simply describes in a 2021 interview that one day she woke up and she could see a meaning she’d never seen before. From there, the young fitness fanatic was firing on all cylinders and ready to take on the next opportunity that came her way.

That chance came in the method of a bikini competition and the fitness fanatic was adamant that she wouldn’t compete in a bodybuilding competition as she doesn’t want to expose herself “to such torture” at this current time and has no interest in the preventive diets and training to fatigue.


Bikini competitions were another matter, however. some good placings scored her features in the UK’s Daily Star and Mirror publications. Together with the bikini competitions and newspaper features, Nabieva was posting intermittently to her social media accounts.

That combo caught the eye of some big-time sponsors. Nabieva signed a contract with Dragon Pharma in 2020 and simply made the move to Miami not long after.

She crafts killer workout practices and promotes supplements and simple apparel for Dragon Pharma—a Florida-based corporation with a focus on quality supplementation and transparent, effective products.

Bakhar simply remains the face of the company and frequently seems in videos and interviews on the brand’s YouTube channel.

What is Bakhar Nabievas Net Worth?

Nabieva simply earned most of her wealth from her effort with Dragon Pharma. Bakhar also has an OnlyFans account and her Instagram account has over 3.7 million followers — this is another likely stream of income for Nabieva.


So, Bakhar Nabieva has a valued net worth of $1 million.

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