A Comprehensive Guide to Clear Braces in Westerville, Ohio

Westerville is a beautiful city located in the state of Ohio in the United States. One of Westerville’s most prominent industries is health care and social assistance, which also includes dental health.

Like any other orthodontic industry across the US, this city seems to have picked up on the trend of using clear braces as a teeth-alignment procedure with over fifteen clinics that offer clear braces in Westerville, OH. Here are the things that you ought to know from the definition of a clear brace to its benefits.


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What are clear braces

Clear braces, or otherwise known as invisible braces, offer patients in Westerville a discreet orthodontic treatment option that aims to straighten or align both their upper and lower teeth. Clear braces are utilized for the realignment of teeth by enhancing moderate crowding. This technology also allows patients to improve the gap between their teeth, whether the teeth are spaced wide or small.

The clear braces are considered as a discreet alternative to the conventional metal braces. The types of clear braces include aligners, ceramic brackets, and lingual braces. Each type of brace is created to offer a particular orthodontic benefit.

In Westerville, patients who have undergone clear braces procedure usually need to commit about six months to two years’ worth of treatment schedule. Nevertheless, the period may vary depending on the patient’s age, as well as the extent of the treatment.

Materials involved in the making of clear braces

Materials utilized for the production of the clear braces in Westerville depend on certain factors, such as their type. The selection of the materials will be based upon their quality, including stain-resistance and durability, especially when it comes to handling the impact of food during eating.

To fabricate clear brackets that stick on the teeth, ceramic or porcelain is utilized. A metallic-grey wire is typically used to connect each bracket. A clear wire may also be available for clear braces in Westerville, OH.

The different types of clear braces

Various kinds of clear braces may be offered by different dental professionals across Westerville to patients after consultation. The following are some of the types of clear braces:

  • Ceramic braces: Braces that are used similarly as that of the conventional braces. The primary difference between the clear ceramic braces and the conventional ones is that the former uses a ceramic bracket instead of a metal bracket.
  • Clear aligners: Braces that are also known as transparent braces which consist of plastic or ceramic. Each aligner looks like a transparent mold of teeth. They fit the teeth just like a retainer and are removable.
  • Lingual braces: These are braces that hide the teeth-alignment treatment completely. Similar to the conventional braces, they utilize wire and bracket. The primary difference between the two is that lingual braces are made to fit the tooth’s lingual surface.

Benefits of clear braces

 Here are some of the benefits that patients in Westerville may get when they opt for clear braces.

  • Removes the stigma about metal braces: Patients no longer need to endure the embarrassment of conspicuous metal braces.
  • Improved biting ability: Both upper and lower teeth of patients that are previously spaced out will now be beautifully aligned.
  • Less dental health issues: Better-aligned teeth that fit together can now be cleaned and maintained more efficiently, leading to a higher quality of oral hygiene with fewer dental problems, such as gum-related disease and tooth decay.

Orthodontic clear braces are suitable for both adults and teenagers. Modern Orthodontics, Clermont, helps patients create healthy and straight teeth. Aside from making sure that the patients will have beautiful align teeth, they eliminate the embarrassing experience posed by traditional metal braces, as well as promoting oral health.