Truth and Myths about Chiropractor Singapore


Chiropractor Singapore: Chiropractors are doctors but not in the medical sense that you are thinking of. What we are talking about is that chiropractors are given the highest level of degree in academia. They had to endure the same number of years of study as medical doctors. This does not mean that they do not have the same level of credence as any other doctors have.


In this article, we are going to try to dispel the myths that surround the profession as well as some of the things that you ought to know. If you are needing any chiropractic services, you may just skip ahead and go to Chiropractor Singapore. We will try to allay any of your concerns by showing just how rigid, and stringent, the training that they go through in order to practice in their field. We will also try to give you a background into the science that has been the bedrock of chiropractic.

Chiropractors are widely known for their ability to treat back pain and neck pain. While this is true, this is not the only thing that they are capable of. As was mentioned, chiropractors underwent a lot of years mastering and honing their craft from academia up to the point that they are in right now. Would it not be the least surprising to know that they are capable of doing so much more. For instance, chiropractors can also treat issues regarding the bones and soft tissues of the body.

Chiropractor Singapore: Myth – Chiropractors do not undergo a significant amount of training

This is one of the most common myths that surround the discipline. It is usually an unfounded and biased statement that often leads to a lot of misunderstandings and misinformation. The truth is that most chiropractors undergo longer academic training than most professions which even includes some medicine tracks.

Normally, a chiropractor would earn a degree in an undergraduate which prepares them for any profession under the helm of medicine. Chiropractors normally take degrees in nursing, biology, zoology, chemistry, and even physics. This undergraduate prepares them in studying the more complex field of chiropractic as well as lets them explore the specialization that they might pursue in the future.


After earning an undergraduate degree, they will then pursue advanced learning through at least 4200 hours of instruction. This will take at least 4 more years of studying, not including time to work on their specialization.

Chiropractor Singapore: Truth – Chiropractors are Legitimate

While some countries still lack behind, there are a lot of institutions that certify and regulate the practice of chiropractic. The profession, of course, specializes in correcting postures and treating the illnesses that relate to it.

So what kind of conditions permits the use of chiropractic care? The answer is that if the condition in question relates in some way with the spine, then at the very least, a chiropractor would have a say about it.

During a session with a chiropractor, he or she would most likely give an assessment of your current posture. They recommend the kind of treatment to follow. After which he or she could also give you a simple exercise plan that you can do on your own to either improve or maintain your posture. Other than that they would also give you health tips with regards to the kind of food you take. Knowledge to do any of these is part of the strenuous training that chiropractors go through.

Another truth that may not need to be elaborated is that chiropractic treatment does work. We all heard at least one success story about a colleague going to a clinic coming back better than ever. This is probably because a visit to the chiropractor is not usually the go-to move when feeling something not quite right with his or her body. This means that when people go to clinics, they have fewer expectations.


Of course, like any other specializations in medicinal practice, chiropractic does not cover all the bases. When you to the clinic, do not expect the chiropractor to be able to give you a full assessment of the condition you are in.

Chiropractor Singapore: Myth – Chiropractic is Not Safe

The number one reason why people do not go to see a chiropractor is the misconception regarding the safety of the practice. There are of course some side effects that may arise from a session with a chiropractor, but these will be fully disclosed before the start of the sessions.

Some of the side effects may include discomfort in the area that is treated. And you may also feel headaches after. Because this is a physical activity that could potentially alter systems in the body, you will feel tired which could even give you fatigue.

The practitioners have to undergo stringent training before performing. Their licenses are regularly renewed and they often go to several stages of accreditation before given a full license. To allay any of your concerns, be sure to look for any proof that they are indeed given permission by the institutions regulating them.

Chiropractor Singapore: Chiropractic is Science

Whether the discipline in itself cannot be equated to a science but it is a product of it. Much like any other practice stemming from science, a long list of procedures and protocols have been written to ensure the effectiveness of the field. It is no surprise that the field has received criticism given the colorful nature by which the practice was built. After decades under the microscope, the practice remains as strong as it has been and more and more countries are adapting to it. And, like any other science, the practice continues to evolve as more research is being spent on studying it. It is not unlike any science to have many doubters at first before being universally accepted.