5 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help You Relieve Chronic Pain


Waking up to your body aching the day after a good workout; dealing sore muscles after a strenuous moving day; accidentally pulling a muscle when picking something heavy —while such short-lived spurts of pain are not a big deal, suffering from it for more than 2-3 weeks can mean it’s chronic. Chronic pain should raise red flags in your mind, it’s a signal your body gives to indicate it’s experiencing constant discomfort owing to an underlying problem.


Chronic Pain


In such cases, it’s ideal you seek chiropractic care. Here are five ways it can help you in managing your chronic pain.

1. Treatment Of The Source Of Pain

While most chiropractors help relieve you of pain right as you walk in, the treatment doesn’t end there. They assess your condition and do a complete background study to understand the underlying cause of your chronic pain. Their diagnosis includes several tests and inspections around the area where you’re experiencing pain to give you proper treatment.

At first, they discuss your medical history and previous treatments you’ve received; they might even speak to doctors for detailed research. This might be followed by several tests, including X-rays to recognize issues in the bone structure, if any; CT scans to get better images to view the alignment of bodily form; MRIs to understand any internal issues. Using the history, test results, and symptoms, your chiropractor would develop a treatment plan to help you relieve your chronic pain while targeting the source of the pain.


Treating the underlying problem is just as crucial for them as relieving you of the pain to help you in the longer run.

2. Immediate Relief & Additional Services

Nothing is more satisfying than walking into a chiropractor’s clinic in pain and leaving the place feeling better. Chiropractors make use of their hands, body, and various small instruments to provide their patients with immediate relief, making them feel a little better with just one session. However, it is ideal you follow up with your chiropractor for the prescribed number of sessions.

Other ways chiropractors provide immediate relief are through ice and heat therapy or TENS which is electrical muscle stimulation.

They also recommend numerous plans for you to deal with chronic pain better. These include exercises and stretches for better mobility, diet plans to help you heal better and faster, and activities to manage your stress better.

3. Spinal Adjustment

Spinal manipulation and adjustment are some of the most effective treatments for back pain in recent times. Owing to bad posture, increased affinity to screens, and the stationary lifestyle that we all lead nowadays, most people complain of constant neck, back, and shoulder pain due to incorrect alignment of the spine and the build-up of stress in these areas.


With the help of chiropractic care, many can seek immediate relief from migraines and headaches, joint-related problems in elbows, neck, and shoulders, whiplash, and much more.

4. Faster Healing Process

Often people seek chiropractic care for dealing with invasive surgeries. They might want it to relieve the pain that persists even after the surgery or wish for a quicker recovery. In either case, a chiropractor can help.

With services like ice therapy, they can help patients deal with the pain, followed by recommendations for low-impact exercises that can help the patients recover faster.

5. Improved Lifestyle

They not only recommend low-impact exercises appropriate for people dealing with chronic pain, but chiropractors also recommend nutrition and diet plans to help their patients manage their overall health and stress for an improved lifestyle.

Getting the help of licensed chiropractors Frederick MD, is your best bet if you’re seeking help for chronic pain. Not only does it help you lead a better lifestyle, but it also decreases the risk of future complications.


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