Different Ways of Buying Anabolic Steroids and the Consequences


Steroids have always been helping in gaining muscle with an intense workout. Steroids do help in gaining muscles along with providing a lot of strength and stamina for working for longer hours. There are several steps that should be taken while buying steroids. Consultation by the trainer or instructor is the most important one. There are different ways of buying steroids whether legal or illegal, with prescription or without prescription or through online or offline mode. Let’s get to know some of the facts about how to buy steroids.


Ways of buying steroids with a prescription

Thus, there are many countries which make rules of providing steroids only if a doctor’s prescription is shown at the medical shop. Some of the countries do make rules and follow them like the United States of America and some just make rules to fill up their legislature ideals. This is a very strict rule that has to be followed in USA. No steroids are provided until and unless the doctor’s approval through a prescription is shown. This process is very necessary as it leads to offline mode of buying the steroids which is safe as we can totally check if it’s the safe or real item.  The steroid provided will be 100% pure and legal. Thus, it is one of the necessary steps to be taken.

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To get a prescription for steroids a person should be above 30 years of age and should have a very valid reason for buying it. Steroids are basically recommended to men after 30 years of age to increase their flexibility or for a person who has low testosterone levels in the body. Thus, if these two are the reasons for purchasing steroids then it’s not a problem and there is no way any illegal attempt has been made.

Ways of buying steroids without a prescription but legally

There are many ways when steroids can be bought legally but without a prescription. Here are the ways-

  • Relocation of the country can be done. Individuals can change their place of residence to a country where steroids are allowed without a prescription and it is also a legal thing to do in that particular country. This is not a viable option to be taken.
  • There should be some touch with a person or a source that is licensed to sell steroids for hormonal purposes or whatsoever.
  • These hormonal supplements are safe and effective but these are only available in black market. If you are in touch with the black market, it can be very beneficial.

Ways of buying anabolic steroids legally through online mode

There are certain online sites which does not need any prescription or any legal notice for purchasing steroids but that does not mean it is safe and easy. These sites can be more dangerous. Thus, to avoid these circumstances a case study or informative study should be done about anabolic steroids. Several reviews should be checked out online by different buyers, about the different sites that have bought these compounds from. Certain knowledge should be made about the working and functioning of steroids. Some steroids lead to side effects. Thus, remedy for these side effects should be searched for. Thus, every inch should be known to buy steroids online. After gaining all the knowledge then only a final step should be taken. Sometimes these steroids bought from online sites may be of fake quality which might indirectly cause disastrous health damage rather than being beneficial. Thus, each and every step taken should be taken carefully.

Buying steroids only in legal way

The best way of buying steroids legally when a prescription is not available is through black markets. As the demand is high for anabolic steroids, the price for these in black market is lower. Millions of people buy anabolic steroids every day from these black markets. The most dangerous thing is that the penalties that has to be faced by people given by USA. Even all the purchasers, vendors and suppliers can be arrested. Bargaining can be done over here which makes its price to go down. Thus, prices here are affordable and cheap. But the quality? Quality of these steroids is far down than the safe steroids. Maybe some of them are suitable with it while some may not. Many individuals even face lots of health hazards because of consumption of low quality products. Thus, these serious medicines should be always taken through valid and trustworthy stores

Thus, these are some better ways of buying steroids and some dangerous steps that could be made for some silly decisions. It is always recommended to follow the right path. Steroids should always be bought with prescription and from good, qualified stores.