Bracing or Footwear: How to Care for Your Leg

Leg injuries are common, not just to athletes. These conditions can affect everybody. If you are having leg problems, you need proper bracing and footwear to help you heal. Also, appropriate bracing and footwear can help prevent further injuries and reduce pressure on connective tissues and damaged bones. For bracing and footwear in Las Vegas, Battle Born Bone and Joint Center are leading by example in offering a wide range of clinical-grade braces and medical footwear to aid in your recovery.

Why Should I Consider Bracing or Footwear?

They both are crucial for stabilizing and fostering healing. You may be eligible for braces if you experience conditions such as;

  •       Achilles tendinitis
  •       Ankle sprains
  •       Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •       Workers’ compensation injuries
  •       Neck or spine injuries including whiplash

In other instances, your physician may recommend specialized footwear to dismiss pressure on specific areas and help balance your skeleton. You may be a candidate of medical footwear if you experience;


  •       Morton’s neuroma
  •       Diabetic foot wounds
  •       Arthritis
  •       Hammertoes or bunions
  •       If you have chronic pain that does not improve

Types of Bracing and Footwear Available

Your type of bracing and footwear depends on your diagnosis and the symptoms you are experiencing. At Battle Born Bone and Joint Center, you can get fitted for braces such as a;

  •       Elbow brace
  •       Neckbrace
  •       Wrist splint
  •       Knee brace or immobilizer
  •       Hip or thigh splint
  •       Stirrup or lace-up ankle brace

Your dedicated physician can also help you get measured for orthopedic and diabetic shoes to stimulate joint and wound healing and prevent future injuries.

How do I Get Fitted for Bracing and Footwear?

Your physician at Battle Born Bone and Joint Center conducts a comprehensive evaluation to determine the type of brace or footwear ideal for you. Your doctor inquires about your symptoms and examines your mobility. Occasionally, they may study X-ray images to determine the magnitude of your condition.

After examination and thorough diagnosis, your practitioner will expose you to the available bracing or specialized footwear solutions that may be most relevant for your condition. At this point, your service provider takes your measurements to ensure your bracing or footwear fits properly.

According to your measurements and diagnosis, Battle Born Bone and Joint Center place an order for your brace or orthopedic shoes. You can get your brace on the spot, or you may have to wait a few days for your order to arrive.

Available Services

Beside bracing and footwear, Battle Born Bone and Joint Center offer various treatments for conditions such as bunions, arthritis, ingrown toenail, and a sprained ankle. The expert team also provides fracture care, total ankle replacement, diabetic foot care, and even physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Our legs, though often overlooked, play a crucial role in our mobility. Thus, it is only fair to give them the care they deserve. For bracing and footwear and treatment of leg injuries, call or book an appointment with Battle Born Bone and Joint Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a high-class customized treatment plan that will help maintain your health and form.