Get the Style Hairs with the best Hair straightener and curler in India

Pollution can have very dangerous effects on complete hair health which also includes the scalp. The pollution in the form of dust particles worsens the hair conditions making it very dull and tizzy.  There are more research studies that are made on this matter by the hair and skin experts and that is the reason why the negative effects of pollution on complete hair health should not be taken lightly.

Best Hair straightener

Your naturally curly strands are always beautiful but not when it turns dull and frizzy due to the effects of pollution, this is when curly hair becomes unmanageable and it becomes an embarrassment for us in social gatherings or in office. Therefore, it is quite understandable that sometimes all you just need sometimes is a sleek straightened look. But before you reach to get your hair straightener out to get your straightening perfectly done take a minute to refresh your knowledge on the basics on the best hair straightener in India.

There are various types of hair straightening brand in India. But not all suitable for the different hair types in India, especially for the hair conditions of the working women and students. Given below is the hair straightener review of the best hair straightener brand which is perfect for all sorts of Indian hair and would give your hair the perfect volume and bounce.

Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates (Purple)

Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates is the best for straightening all types of Indian hairs because just as the name suggests the company uses ceramic material for their plates. Ceramic as a coating material is much beneficial to the hair than the cheaper metal or glass coated hair straighteners because ceramic plates are extremely smooth.

Straightners using glass or painted metal as plates will often chip in the long run or worse still the paint will peel which will let the hair to rip, snag, tear on the chipped areas which will ultimately lead to the damage of the hair health. If you are tugging with your hair straightener and the hair gets all snagged and pulled up, then know for sure that this hair straighter is definitely not meant for you.

Ceramic plates in the Havells Hair Straightener allow the hair to move through the straightening iron smoothly, and you will hardly come across damage in the hair or rough and uneven ends after the hair is straightened. Ceramic plates that are used in the Havells hair straightener lock in moisture which means that protect the if you have treated your hair recently, your hair color is protected. You would not need to worry about the beautiful hair color being faded or damaged. Instead, the iron with the ceramic plates gently smoothes the hair added the perfect gloss to the hair colour and leaves the hair looking more prettier than ever.

Pros of using the Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates:

  • Root to tip straightening which means that you could get a hair salon-worthy treatment right at the comfort of the home.
  • You can also easily use this product to transform your hair into dreamy and wavy locks or curls
  • Using the Hair Straightener would give your hair the silky voluminous look that you had been craving for.
  • When you use the roller comb after the straightening session not only your hair looks all sleek and glossy but also there is room for the perfect bounce and flow which we often mention as “good hair day”.
  • The plates are made up of ceramic that not only gives your hair the much-needed moisture which helps soften your hair, but it also protects your hair from snugs and tears. And this is also perfect for daily use
  • There is a convenient lock system that would protect the device when not in use and makes it handy while traveling. To lock the plates one has to move the lock button in an upward direction and to unlock the plates the lock button must be moved in a downward direction.
  • You just need to switch on the power button to begin the styling session. Switch the button off when you feel that the session is over

Cons of using the Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates

  • The device does not come in with a heating sensor, therefore when heated up, it sometimes gives the acrid smell of plastic burning which actually is not the case at all.
  • The outer shell sometimes heats up very quickly therefore, you need to switch off the product at regular intervals.
  • There’s no temperature control, there is a preset temperature, so you need to straighten your hair with that.

Why will you like the product?

Considered among the best hair straightener brands in India, Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates would give your hair the perfect finish after every hair straightening session. It would help the hair retain the moisture after the sessions. Besides, the perfect styling features available would help you achieve the wavy tresses or curly looks and you can get yourself ready for any occasion without having to pay the costly trip to the salon. The other factor which would make you fall in love with the Havells hair straightener is the fact that it is very economical and at the end of the day you do not have to sacrifice the quality of the hair because of the price tag

Why do we recommend Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates?

Most people nowadays pay a visit to hair spas and salons for beautiful shiny hair that not only looks healthy but feels smooth and straight. Nobody wants the frizzy hair which you get after some days of using the cheap hair straighteners which are available in the market.

After doing a lot of research on ceramic hair straighteners, Havells Hair Straightener with Ceramic Coated Plates is found to be the most recommended brand in the market because it uses infrared technology that actually locks in moisture directly and instead of leaving the hair frizzy after a few days, you get the good moisture and bouncy hair that makes you glow in all occasions.