How to Care For Seniors With Alzheimer Disease: 7 Helpful Tips


Everyone knows how Alzheimer’s disease affects the patient’s memory. However, this disease can also take a toll on the patient’s physical and mental health as well. Since it affects the brain, as the disease progresses it starts to affect the patient’s speech, mobility, and other bodily functions.


Communication can also be very hard for Alzheimer’s patients because they may forget the words that they want to say which can be very frustrating for them. This is why it is essential to handle these patients with care while putting in mind their physical, emotional, and mental needs. If a family member or someone you care for has Alzheimer’s disease then keep reading for tips on how to care for them.


1. Create a Routine

Routine is very important for Alzheimer’s patients. This is because they need to be in a familiar environment, as it provides them with comfort, familiarity, and helps them focus. Make sure to create a routine based on their moods and patterns of behavior. Once you create a routine, try your best not to make any changes as this can confuse your loved one.

2. Learn How to Communicate with Them

It isn’t easy at all to communicate with Alzheimer’s patients. As a matter of fact, it can be very challenging. It can be quite frustrating for you and for your sick loved ones when you both feel that you can’t understand each other. In order to be able to communicate with them try to speak in a soft tone of voice, use short sentences, and simple words. That being said, remember that this is an elderly person, so don’t speak to them like they are toddlers. You should also give them time to respond and avoid interrupting them.


3. Hire a Caregiver

We have mentioned how important familiarity is to Alzheimer’s patients. This is why it is better to hire a caregiver instead of putting them in a home. Being surrounded by a familiar environment can make them feel safe. You also may not be able to take care of them yourself. You may need someone who has the right expertise to help older people especially the ones who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This will definitely take the burden off of you and will make you feel relaxed knowing that your loved one is being cared for by an experienced professional.

4. Plan Interesting Activities

Alzheimer’s patients need to stay active and alert. This is done by providing them with various activities that can be fun and also help stimulate their brains. They can play board games, listen to music, dance, exercise, watch a movie, do simple household chores, and you can take them to their favorite places like a restaurant they love or see an old friend or a family member. Make sure to plan these activities during the time of day when they are lucid.

5. Food

Alzheimer’s patients may forget to eat or eat unhealthy food since they aren’t focused or aware. You should make sure that they eat 3 meals at the same time every day since, as we have mentioned, routine is key. It is often said that people eat with their eyes first, so make sure that it looks delicious, and serve it on nice-looking plates. You should also cut their food into small pieces and make them food that is easy to eat.

6. Ensure Their Safety

There are so many things and situations that we find normal but can confuse and scare Alzheimer’s patients and make them feel unsafe. This is why you should remove anything that can cause them to slip and fall. Pad any sharp edges around the house, make sure that the house is properly lit, and use stickers next to each water tap to label them as hot and cold.

7. Get a Proper Diagnosis

There are different types of Alzehimer so you need to get your loved one an accurate diagnosis so you can understand exactly what you are dealing with. Additionally, an accurate diagnosis will help you understand their symptoms and anticipate their behavior. You should also speak with your doctor so that they can help you understand your loved one’s case and ask them to give you tips on how to interact with them to make things as easy as possible for the both of you.


Alzheimer’s disease can be extremely hard on the patients and their loved ones as well. It can’t be easy on you when your parent or grandparent looks at you and see a stranger. It is also extremely hard for them to remember everything, even their own faces. However, the steps we have mentioned here can make things a lot easier for both of you so you can still have a relationship with your sick loved one.

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