4 Best Ways to Consume Cannabis Safely


Smoking marijuana may be the oldest and most traditional way to consume cannabis, but it can also be the unhealthiest. This is because the smoke from burning marijuana has been shown to contain many of the same irritants, toxins, and cancer-causing substances as tobacco smoke. As such, marijuana smokers are putting themselves at risk of contracting the serious respiratory diseases that many tobacco smokers have to contend with, such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and more.


With that said, there are ways for an individual to consume cannabis and enjoy its benefits without exposing themselves to harmful toxins and irritants. The following are the four best ways to enjoy cannabis safely and healthily.


Edibles are food products that have been made with cannabis extract as an additional ingredient. These products can range from candies and confectionaries to drinks, desserts, and even full meals like pizza or pasta. By consuming cannabis through edibles, the marijuana enthusiast can enjoy a longer and more intense buzz. This is because, as the edible is digested, the liver metabolizes THC—the cannabinoid in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects—as a more potent chemical, namely 11-hydroxy-THC.

The downside of this particular consumption method is it relies upon the human process of digestion. As such, the full effect of cannabis in the edible may not be felt immediately. This can result in overconsumption of the edible, which may then lead to a high that can last for an entire day or even longer.


 Another way to consume cannabis safely is to use cannabis tinctures. Cannabis tinctures are made by first grinding up marijuana buds into a fine consistency, usually through the use of a weed grinder, before exposing them to high temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This step is called decarboxylation, and it activates the cannabinoids within the cannabis so that their therapeutic effects can be felt.


From there, the cannabis is washed to remove excess chlorophyll before it is squeezed dry and then placed in a blender with high-proof edible alcohol. The mixture is blended multiple times before being strained free of solids and cannabis leaves. The resultant liquid is a potent tincture that can be consumed by placing a couple of drops under the tongue or mixed in with food. Consumed sublingually, a cannabis tincture can deliver its effects quite quickly, usually in 20 minutes or so.

Topical creams and lotions

For a milder cannabis experience that involves zero smoke, a marijuana user can also look into using cannabis-infused topical creams and lotions. With this particular method, the user can immediately experience the pain-relieving and inflammation-decreasing effects of cannabis without having a psychoactive trip. As a result, cannabis-infused creams and patches are very popular for those suffering from arthritis, bone fractures, migraines, and more.


Finally, cannabis can also be enjoyed as a tea. One easy method of doing so involves grinding up marijuana buds using a marijuana or herb grinder then mixing it with an equal amount of butter. A small amount of this mixture is then placed inside an empty tea bag and steeped in hot water just like with any normal tea bag. The heat of the boiled water will make the cannabinoids in the cannabis seep out and infuse the butter. The butter then melts in the water, transferring its taste as well as the cannabinoids into the liquid. The result is a warm cup of very potent marijuana tea.

As marijuana tea is essentially another form of edible cannabis, its effects can last for a long duration but may take up to an hour to be felt. Therefore, anyone enjoying cannabis in this form will have to exercise caution and limit their intake.

Protect your body by enjoying cannabis in a healthy way

Consuming cannabis doesn’t have to involve dealing with the harmful consequences of inhaling smoke. If you are a marijuana user and wish to continue consuming cannabis in a healthy and safe manner, then check out the methods listed above in this article. Just make sure to start with small doses and experiment carefully. This way, you can discover which one agrees with your own body and constitution the most while also avoiding the risk of cannabis overdose.