3 Tips to Achieve Lasting Fitness Success

It’s hard to get in shape and make it last. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying to you and themselves or they are part of the rare few who never seem to put on weight. If you fall in the latter category, you’re lucky and this information won’t help you too much. On the other hand, if you’re like the rest of us who have to struggle and strive to stay in shape, then this information is just what the personal trainer ordered.

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For those looking to create a lasting fitness routine, keep reading to discover some powerful and effective tips.

Tip #1: Daily Exercise is a Must

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This might not be the most popular sentiment in the world but that doesn’t make it any less true. If you want to get and stay in shape, you have to exercise every day. And you have to do it for at least an hour.

Guess what? Nobody said you have to kill yourself while working out. You aren’t expected to run until you drop or lift weights until you’re so sore you can’t move a muscle. That would be foolish and a waste of time and effort.

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You can jog for an hour, or even just walk at a brisk pace. You can lift moderately heavy or even light weights. Just make sure you do something every day to make this routine a part of your daily life. That’s the key to lasting success.

Tip #2: Get Your Food Right

Excellent fitness is a combination of three things: daily exercise, eating right, and supplementation. Working out is only part of the battle. You also have to get your diet right if you plan to lose weight and stay in shape.

So do the best thing for your body and give it the right fuel. Stay far away from sugary soda pop and other sweetened beverages. Avoid ice cream, candy bars, potato chips, cake, and all other processed desserts.

On the flipside, you should eat plenty of fruits and veggies, healthy carbs from beans and sweet potatoes, cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, and more. Also eat healthy lean meats like turkey and chicken and grass fed beef and the weight will fall off and stay off if you stick to it.

Tip #3: Maintain Your Motivation

You’ll find it impossible to last if you lose motivation, so don’t let your desire for excellent health and fitness wain. Never. Or you’ll find yourself right back where you started or even further away from your ideal weight.

You can stay motivated by setting and achieving fitness goals and acknowledging your success. You should also maintain a positive mindset no matter how hard things might get. If you can accomplish these two things you will succeed.


Achieving lasting fitness success might seem like a far-fetched dream at the moment. But it could be much more than a fantasy if you remain open to the possibility. Please use these tips to your lasting benefit. If you do, you’ll discover a lifetime of health, wellbeing, and a sexy and slim figure to boot. Good luck!