3 Reasons Why Eye Exams are Important


If you are a person not prescribed with glasses yet and think that you have a perfect vision, there is a rare chance you’ll think about visiting an eye doctor. But the truth is that you must undergo an annual eye exam annually besides you are seeing well for now. Vision loss is the ninth most common disability in the US. It can also happen due to an eye disease. In fact, it can happen to anyone at any age. In most cases, a regular eye exam can help prevent vision loss before it starts affecting your quality of life. Therefore, you should get your eyes checked out regularly to prevent the problems before they start.


Check out these reasons why eye exams are important.

1.      Vision Correction:

If you have vision problems, farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, you need routine checkups with an eye doctor. An eye exam will ensure that your prescription is up to date. Secondly, if you use contacts, your eye doctor needs to monitor your eye health carefully. The fact is that wearing contacts has certain risks. They reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eye surface and also interfere with lubricating glands. Therefore, you have to get your eyes checked regularly to make sure your eyes are functioning normally. Lasikplus in King of Prussia is the most advanced treatment for refractive errors.

2.      Digital Eye Strain:

This is a digital world, and almost everything we do involves computers, phones, television, e-readers, tablets, and game consoles. The use of digital devices is constantly impacting your vision as the screens emit blue light. Continuous and excessive exposure to blue light impacts our vision and results in eye strain. Moreover, we blink less often while staring at screens, which results in dry eye symptoms. If you experience eye strain, it’s even more important for you to get an eye exam regularly so that your doctor can diagnose any changes in your eye health.

3.      Early Detection of Eye Diseases:

In addition to vision problems, other eye diseases can also be affecting your eyes without showing clear symptoms. Even if you don’t use prescription glasses, annual eye exams are still important. That’s because the disease has already advanced by the time your vision is affected. An eye exam helps in early detection of the disease so it can be cured before it progresses or affects your vision. Your eyesight is precious and not something you should compromise with.


How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

It’s never too early to get an eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association, eye exams are recommended at the age of six months, three years, and before first grade. These initial exams at an early age help to ensure the normal development of a child’s vision. After that, eye exams are recommended annually. Moreover, the risk of eye problems increases after the age of forty, which makes eye exams even more essential for older people. It is found that 80% of the vision problems are avoidable and curable with proper treatment.