Wrinkle Myths & Truths and Anti-Wrinkle Injections In Brisbane


Some people have the misperception that if you avoid specific facial expressions and keep your face in a basic frozen state (no smiling), it will prevent wrinkles. The common myth comes straight from Hollywood.


People become gullible when they see fine lines or deep creases developing and will try anything to stop the process. But flashing a smile isn’t the sole culprit for aging skin and avoiding facial expressions is not why celebrity faces are smooth and youthful.

As age progresses and the skin starts to lose its volume, wrinkles are a natural result. At the first sign, people feel self-conscious because the face is giving away their age despite a still youthful spirit.

These individuals take great strides to treat the problem like injections, skincare routines, and even surgery, so their face looks like they feel. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of contrasting information on the market that can be misleading to the world and our resident friends in Brisbane. These prove costly and give less than satisfactory results.

Many people struggle to decipher fact from fiction to avoid wasting mounds of money on ineffective products and procedures. Let’s see if we can help debunk some of the common myths here.


Anti-Wrinkle InjectionsIn Brisbane


Wrinkle Myths And The Truth-Be-Told

With all contradictory information on anti-aging on the market and how to get rid of wrinkles, it can be challenging for people globally, including those in Brisbane, to know what’s genuine and meant to merely take someone’s money.

There is truly no magic wand or powder that will erase time from your face forever, but there are methods you can use to decrease the fine lines and techniques you can do to prevent damage to your skin.

** MYTH: Wrinkles Are Genetic.

TruthBeTold: Though you are likely to receive many of your character traits from your parents and, of course, many features, it’s unlikely you’ll develop the exact same formation of wrinkling. Other impacts come into play when it comes to lines and creases in the face than genetics, for instance, sun damage.


Skincare is a must for youth. It’s essential to start a regimen as early as possible in age, maintaining it consistently throughout each stage of life to slow the facial aging process. Some suggestions include

  • SPF of 50 sunscreens worn each day. Not only sunny days, but every day, and not only each day but applied every two hours.
  • Use antioxidants meant to protect along with moisturizers.
  • If a product in any way burns, stings, or causes inflammation, you should not apply it. It is damaging your skin.
  • As skin ages, the quality transforms, and products should change accordingly. These also need to follow weather patterns.

Fine lines are an inevitable part of the aging process, whether you see them as a family trait or not. But you specifically can do your best to push them off as long as possible if you begin a healthy skin regimen early to nurture and prevent damage.

Wrinkle Myths &Truths and Anti-Wrinkle InjectionsIn Brisbane

** Myth: An Ideal Universal Anti-Aging Regimen Exists.

TruthBeTold: Everyone on the planet, whether it be a sister, a best friend, a neighbor, a coworker, a niece, a mom, an aunt, has different body chemistry and unique skin, and each person uses their own type of skincare. Does someone have the secret recipe for anti-aging for the entire planet?


Of course not. It takes a lot of experimenting to get the right blend of products that works for you specifically. Some things that do apply to everyone:

  • Take one product at a time, allowing your face to acclimate to the substance before introducing more. There is a risk of irritating the skin with too many anti-aging compounds used all of a sudden.
  • It’s essential to use ingredients of a clinical-grade including antioxidants, retinol, peptides.
  • Don’t be impatient. The process doesn’t happen overnight but instead; can take as long as six weeks before you see any kind of result, with some taking months.
  • The key is prevention and consistency. Once you start to see results, it’s imperative to be consistent with the products instead of stopping and starting.

A wise step is to use resources around you like a dermatologist who can help develop a healthy skincare plan for you to follow or even a plastic surgeon, someone specializing in the skin. View this link for guidelines on reducing facial aging.

** Myth: Treating Wrinkles Can Be Expensive

Truth-Be-Told:  Wrinkles are a part of growing older and can also be due to damage happening over time. Some skincare products can prove costly with claims they’re the answer to reversing the aging process.

Some of these products might, in fact, help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but the claims are far-reaching, and the prices are excessive. You don’t have to spend that kind of money on skincare, particularly if you start caring for your skin early and are consistent throughout your life.


For those who didn’t practice good skincare and are plagued by fine-lines and creases now, claims indicate a more effective solution to go hand-in-hand with starting a healthy skincare regimen is anti-wrinkle injections.

Trusted providers in Brisbane, see http://www.cstdirect.com/anti-wrinkle-injections-brisbane, can take you out of the overspending, over-treating cycle to then save you money with better results. Speak with a reputable resource such as your dermatologist and do your research before spending excessive amounts of money.

Final Thought

Many of us get discouraged with what the passage of time does to our face. It doesn’t equate with the youthful exuberance that still exists inside us. But what many people throughout this beautiful world, including those in lovely Brisbane, fail to remember is the fine lines, and even the dreaded creases are representative of our life.

If you look at them from a different perspective, say perhaps what wonderful times this face experienced and what more do I have to look forward to as opposed to seeing only dread, you might want to keep maybe one or two.

There’s a certain distinguishing sophistication and sass that comes with the passing decades. Why would you want to erase all of that?


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