Why younger patients undergo mini planar facelift

Facelifts are something that close to 3 million people receive for the sake of improving their appearance. Keep in mind that most cosmetic surgical procedures for the face are performed on middle age and older individuals. Did you know that young people also have renovation surgery performed on their face as well? Many younger adults are getting plastic surgery and they are not even old.

This trend has been increasing starting sometime around 2005. The reason why more, younger adults are getting facial surgeries has to do with genetics or physiology. The fact is that younger people have more options available to them for changing their appearance. Many millennials will alter how they look if it will make them look better and if they can afford the procedure. The information presented here will delve deeper into why a young patient would want to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure for their face. The mini planar facelift will be addressed specifically.

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mini planar facelift

What is a planar face reconstruction procedure?

Planar simply means plane and when it comes to facial surgery procedures it is also known as a deep-plane facelift. This type of facial rejuvenation process is designed to improve a person’s looks through intensive surgical procedures. This is a deep-rooted surgical process that provides high-quality results on a person’s face. It can help people to look at least ten years younger than their current age. This type of cosmetic facial procedure takes less time to perform and heal.

Keep in mind that only a handful of surgeons are truly qualified for this procedure. It is so effective that many people within the cosmetic surgeon industry identifies it as a high-quality form of facial alteration services. This type of surgery goes into the deeper levels of a person’s tissues. It goes below the fatty tissues, down into a person’s fibers that connect muscles and nerves. The reasons why surgeons work this deep inside of tissue has to do with “lifting” a person’s face from the inside out. This procedure provides longer lasting and better results. So, what does this have to do with young adults? Why would a young adult need such an advanced form of facial altering surgery? The material below will answer that question.

The Reality of Aging and Cosmetic Facial Surgery

As people grow older they naturally age. That is no big secret and everybody knows this reality of life. However, some people are in denial and think that they are always going to look and feel fresh forever. Alas, if it were that simple then everybody would look good well into their 70s and 80s. No one would ever need cosmetic surgery for their mugs.

The fact is that our skin ages because of all the negative effects or impacts of this world. Gravity plays a role in the aging process. This unseen force is constantly pulling us downward and we are constantly struggling against it. Over time, this force plays a role with the “old age look” that all middle age and older adults experience.

The sun is a huge negative force on our skin. Honestly, we should not look at the sun like it is an enemy because it does a lot for our physical and mental well-being. The problem with the sun is that people have a tendency to overuse it (in the form of exposure) and it can be harmful when it is not being utilized in the right way (e.g. sunbathing without sunscreen). Most people run into problems with their skin when they get older. This is usually the result of “sun abuse” from their younger days. The point is that the sun plays a critical factor in the aging process.

Other factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, improper hygiene and bad skin care will cause a person to look old before their time. These factors will also cause people to look a lot older than their actual age. Physiologically speaking, some people will naturally start to look older because of genetics.

Have you ever seen a 21-year-old person who looks like they are in their mid to late 30s? Or a 32-year-old person that looks like they are in their late 40s? Genetics can play a role with people looking older than their rightful age. Why is all of this information important to this discussion? It provides you with a basic understanding of what is going on with the aging process and how it impacts people’s lives. This also includes young adults who might start to lose their naturally youthful and good looks at an early age.

A Quick Breakdown of the Aging Process

When a child is born they are not fully developed but they will start to grow into their looks as they begin to age. Fast forward of up 10-years-old and most children’s basic features are starting to form. By the time they are 18, you will have a pretty good idea about how a child’s physical appearance will be once they are grown.

Once a person reaches their 20s they will start to noticeably age every 10 years. This means that people will look different in their 30s, their 40s and then in their 50s and so on. If a person is not taking care of their skin (overall health) or if their genetics causes them to look older; their appearance will reflect this fact. Also, a person can live a rough life and it will cause them to look advance in years as well.

How does all of this relate to a younger patient and facial cosmetic surgery?

In the end, a young patient will generally get a facelift because their genetics causes them to look older or they have not been adequately taking care of their body. Another reason has to do achieving a certain look. These factors are what cause younger people in their 20s and early 30s to consider a facelift procedure. Younger adults who are thinking about this type of surgery must consult with a plastic surgeon to really understand the extent of these procedures, and who better than Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Dr. Jacono is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in facial procedures. His work has been featured in many media outlets, and his before-and-after galleries can speak for itself. If you’re in need of a facelift in New York City, pay a visit to Dr. Jacono of the NEW YORK CENTER for FACIAL PLASTIC & LASER SURGERY.