Why is Edwin Jagger Razor the Best for Shaving?


To shave or not to shave—it has been a continuous argument in different social circles. You may say it depends on personal preference. However, give the following a read if you wish to cement a stance on the shaving argument.


Dead Skin Cells Pool

The most apparent result of shaving the face is because it helps eliminate dead skin. When you choose to grow a full beard, dead skin cells may collect underneath the facial hair. Edwin Jagger prevents clogging of the pores and other unhygienic build-ups. Shaving on unprepared skin is maybe one of the reasons why your skin has become so dry recently.

If you choose to keep the beard permanently, the skin will worsen because of the facial hair. It can cause rashes, whiteheads, and even dandruff. Edwin Jagger pulls away from your follicles and eliminates dead skin cells on the route.

Beard Requires Maintenance

As mentioned above, facial hairs hover above the face skin, which clogs pores. Moreover, without regular maintenance as proposed it will further clog the pores from dirt and sweat. The continuous build-up from internal body secretions and dirt present outside can lead to infections and diseases. Therefore, it is proposed that you shave regularly using Edwin Jagger Razor.

Necessary steps for beard hygiene include purchasing specific products that are marketed as beard maintenance. Facial hair requires a separate cleaning regime so if you do not have time for one, consider keeping a shaven face.


Hygienic Purposes

Some men also find facial hair very uncomfortable. It is acceptable in the winter months, but you can feel the weight on your skin as soon as the summer arrives. The humidity and sweat build up an odd oil-based smell that is constantly lingering.

Edwin Jagger DE89 eliminates this discomfort by providing an incredibly smooth shave. You will instantly feel lighter, more confident, and hygienic after shaving your face. You can eat freely without the fear of mayonnaise collecting on your beard or bread crumbs mimicking dandruff on the facial hair.

Younger Feeling

A clean face is also easier to manage. Beard requires trimming, growing, and washing. If the beard is growing unevenly, you need to shave it constantly using Edwin Jagger DE89. Sometimes it may feel like a burden even though it may look good. A clean-shaven face is effortless to manage; rinse it well, and you are out the door.

A shaven face is also more hydrated compared to a bearded face. The moisturizers applied on a clean face that uses hyaluronic acid will cover a larger surface area. A proper skin regime can decrease fine lines, helps absorb nutrients better, and keeps the skin taut.


Some men prefer not to keep a beard because it makes them feel younger. The fountain of youth continues to be a myth, so a clean-shaven face is a second-best alternative. It contributes to self-confidence, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.