What You Need to Know About Botox


If theres one beauty treatment that has taken the world by storm in recent years, it has to be Botox. Used to smooth away those wrinkles that come about naturally – well talk about how further down the page – it is a very popular, simple, and quick procedure that has shown proven results for many thousands of happy users. Botox has had its controversial moments, but there is no doubt this non-invasive procedure does the trick, and what better than a beauty procedure you can have during your lunch break!




What is Botox and what do you need to know about it? Read on for some interesting and possibly very surprising facts about this wonder substance.

What is Botox?

Botox is the shortened (and trade) name for Botulinum Toxin. Yes, you read that right – its a toxin. It is produced by a bacterium and has been known since it was first found in sausages in the 18th century (hence the name: botulus is Latin for sausage). That may startle you so what about this: Botox is the most poisonous substance known to man. But dont let that stop you from having it injected into you!


Botox is also the most expensive substance on earth, and a mere 2kg is enough to kill every human on the Earth. So why and how is it one of the most widely used cosmetic procedure of all? The fact is that the amount that is injected into a Botox patient is so minute it is barely noticeable. Yet, it is just enough to do what needs to be done to perform its magic.

How Botox Works

So how does Botox work? To get to the root of this we need to have a quick look at how it operates in its other role as a deadly toxin. Botulinum Toxin, when it enters the body in a deadly dose, enters the nerves – its what is known as a neurotoxin – and kills off the proteins required to tell the muscles to do their job. Thus, the victim dies very quickly from respiratory failure. How does that translate to a beauty treatment?

A trained and reputable Botox practitioner will inject a truly minute amount of the substance into the precise area it is needed. The forehead, where wrinkles like to gather, is a popular place. What this does is influence the muscles in a much-reduced way for a very short time. This allows the skin to tighten, and the effect is reduced wrinkles. We could go into the science of how Botox works in much more detail but dont have space. Suffice to say that Botox works, it is safe and quick, and it is a remarkable use of a deadly substance capable of wiping out mankind.

Where to Get Botox Treatment

The first thing we will say here is dont let all the talk about deadly toxins put you off! Do, however, ensure that the clinic you choose for your treatment is fully licensed and that the operatives are experienced and have the relevant credentials. Botox is a dangerous substance – very dangerous, as weve seen above – but not in the quantities used for the procedure. What can cause a problem is being attended to by someone who is careless with their actions, so we strongly recommend you check out a few Botox clinics and have a chat to them, ask for referrals, and see which one you feel happiest with?

Botox is a wonderful treatment, one of the few that does what it claims, so check it out now and youll soon get rid of some of those annoying lines and wrinkles.


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