What Causes Pain between the Shoulder Blades?

A car/ computer needs maintenance, no matter they can work about hours and hours but a human body do needs care and pampering and all-round development. It needs proper rest and peaceful sleep. In life or lifetime we sometimes face minor injuries or get stressed in certain circumstances, this may lead to insomnia, full body aches, and pains.

Body aches and muscle pains can be either acute or chronic. Acute pains are those pains which for a limited period of time and comes in quick action. For example, sprain in the neck is an acute pain. Whereas chronic pain is pain which lasts for a longer period of time and can lead to lifetime medication.

Feeling pain in the shoulder blades? Muscles ache in between the shoulders?

We first need to identify whether the pain is acute or chronic. In other words, pain between the shoulder blades is also referred as Interscapular pain. Interscapular pain is nothing but a result of muscle strain or sprain. But little pain may lead to bigger problems.

Body aches or muscle pain leads to another symptom as well. The symptoms are listed below:

  • Fluctuation in body temperature
  • Body Shivering
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Pain
  • Cold & Cough

Different factors that cause body aches or muscle pain are as follows:

  • Tissue Damage– The injury (damage with respect bone) that arises from organs or body tissue. It can fluctuate or can be permanent. In other words, any injury caused to the tissue which results in pain is a result of body ache.
  • Nerve Damage– Nerves shares or sends information to the brain. Damage caused to the nerve may transmit wrong or abnormal signal to the brain. There are different pains caused because of damage to nerves.
  • Central Pain effect (CPE) – It is a chronic pain that can affect the central Nervous system (CNS). Minor heart attacks, strokes results in Central pain effect.
  • Damage of facial Nerve– This damage is caused in the area like chin and cheeks.
  • Regional pain syndrome– Sweating like a pig, frequent change in skin color can be a symptom in the area of pain.
  • Neuropathic pain– This pain results in damage from the nerves of feet, legs etc.

Factors related to the pain between the shoulder blades or Interscapular pain:

There could be different factors that may cause pain or aches between the shoulder blades like-

  • Anesthesia– Here anesthesia means the constraint given to the women with respect to labor pain; this may lead to Interscapular pain.
  • Osteoporosis– Vertebral fractures can result in osteoporosis, again osteoporosis can lead to pain or aches between the shoulder blades.
  • Muscle sprain or strain– Sometimes we sleep or sit in a wrong posture which leads to muscle sprain or muscle strain or excessive usage of activities like muscle lifting, or outdoor activities may lead to swelling in muscles which may result in Interscapular pain.
  • MinorAttack or heart attack– There is a myth always heart attack always starts from chest pain, but facing problems in between the shoulders is the first stage of minor attacks or heart attacks accompanied by shortness of breath and other symptoms related to the attacks.
  • Anxiety, depression or Trauma– Some people get depressed or undergoing anxiety or going through a bad phase of life, this may lead to Interscapular pain.
  • Disc syndrome or Disc disease– Disc disease or arthritis may cause pain or aches between the shoulder blades and cause shoulder ache or shoulder pain.
  • Cancer, tumors etc– These diseases are giants of all disease, the symptoms are more than the cause of the disease, the chemotherapy or injection or vaccine is given for the disease may result in shoulder pain. Neck cancer, breast cancer are prey for this type of pains.
  • Bladder disease– People suffering from bladder disease may often face pain or aching in between shoulder blades especially gallbladder disease.
  • Gastroesophageal disease– The pain in between shoulder blades may be the result of Acid influence, gastroesophageal disease.
  • Thrombosis-Thrombosis (clot in legs or clot in any other body parts) is also a result of pain in between the shoulder blades.

The Treatment for Pain or ache between the shoulder blades is as follows:

       Understanding the pain and the symptom is very much important; the cure starts from the same. While consulting a doctor, you must have the answer to certain questions like the number of days you are suffering from pain? He will be asking about your health history etc.

  • Yoga & Meditation– Yoga and meditation is a cure for any kind of disease and is surely a good treatment for pain or ache between the shoulder blades.
  • Lifestyle and diet– Focusing on lifestyle and diet will improve the body metabolism and will have some effects on pain and aches.
  • Consult a physiotherapist or take some good therapy– Injury, minor attacks, incidents leaves a never-ending pain and cause body aches due to certain burning sensation or any other factor. A physiotherapist.
  • Medication– If pain persists long it is better to shift from home remedies to going on medication by consulting an appropriate doctor.
  • Avoid sitting for too long working on laptops and desktop for the longest time period– We should understand the right posture and style, and if you have any past problems take precaution while using laptop and desktops. Don’t sit for the longer period of time.

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Muscle pain, body aches, and body pains are most common in every household. But we often ignore this problem by in taking painkillers. Painkillers give you relief but not for the longer period of time. It goes on repeating. Practicing yoga and exercising, will take some time for sure but will give long-term desired results. Fractures and minor accidents pain should not be avoided. Avoid wearing uncomfortable attires and if you are suffering from any pains avoid wearing heels.