What Type Of Covid-19 Test Is Valid For Travel In the UK


Ever since the covid-19 virus hit the world, traveling has become complicated and expensive to some extent. This is due to the unraveling covid-19 rules enacted by various countries.


When traveling to the UK, it has become mandatory to undertake two types of tests, the pre-departure and arrival tests. For pre-departure, you can have a Rapid Antigen Test for travel or the PCR test, depending on the test requirements for your departure country.

If returning from a foreign country, you will be required to have a negative covid-19  pre-departure test; it must be two days before your flight. After arriving in the UK, you will need to take the day 2 PCR test.

Vaccinated travelers to the UK will not be required to quarantine unless they test positive for the day 2 PCR test. On the contrary, travelers to the UK who have not been vaccinated will need to take both days 2 PCR test and day 8 PCR test upon arrival. If you test positive on the day 8 PCR test, you will be required to isolate for a further ten days until you test negative.Covid-19 Test


Types of covid-19 test valid for travel in the UK

The UK government has specified two types of covid-19 tests that you must undertake before booking any flight.


The lateral flow test for travel

Rapid antigen test for travel (lateral flow) is one of the quickest and most effective methods for covid-19 testing in the UK. The test is largely used to detect persons with the covid-19 virus but not showing any symptoms. This has drastically minimized the infections rate in the UK.

When covid-19 first struck, it was very baffling to detect people who were likely to be positive as it was estimated that 1-in-3 people don’t show any noticeable symptoms.

The Rapid Antigen Test for travel came as a huge boost to the war against covid-19 in the UK. That’s because the spread of the virus is effectively curbed by identifying people who do not exhibit any signs of the illness. This test is mainly used at home since it does not require any lab analysis.

The Same-day PCR Test London

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a solitary test. Before covid-19, it was used in different domains like crucial biological research, clinical research, and industrial research. PCR may sound like a new way of testing too many people, but in a real sense, it existed nearly 40 years before covid-19 ran havoc in the world.

In the UK, when covid-19 became an awakening reality, the PCR test was improvised into the modern Same-day PCR test London. This move was to boost the tests to the task of relaying the required standards of testing and detecting the covid-19 virus with much ease and accuracy.


It does make sense to argue that London is the biggest city in the UK, hosting the four major airports in the country. To be true, millions of travelers come to the UK through the capital city, thus creating the urgency for unfailing covid-19 test channels. This makes same-day PCR test London the conventional and most accurate and reliable testing method.


After undertaking the rapid antigen test for travel or the PCR test, if you get a positive result, it’s advisable to isolate yourself with instant urgency to reduce the chances of passing the virus to people that you interact with. However, if you turn out to be negative, it means you are free to travel as you don’t hold any risk of spreading the disease.

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