Top Signs of Weak Core Muscles and How to Deal with Them


Body structure or any other body problem. When it comes to dealing with your core, there are many signs that can indicate a problem. The best thing to do in this case is to solve this issue as fast as possible because core muscles play a significant role during workouts.


The main culprits are the deep abdominal muscles that hold the hip bones and the spine in place. When they become very weak, one cannot even stand upright, sit or even walk without pain. The only thing that seems better is to lie down on a supportive pad. So, let us look at the top signs of weak core muscles and how to address them.

Poor Posture

Have you been experiencing abnormal posture when you walk or even sit? Probably, the muscles have become weak, and they cannot hold the spine anymore. Any person who is experiencing this should assess past activities to learn what might be the cause. Commonly, poor workouts can lead to weak or damaged core muscles and poor posture. It is good to start with dynamic stretching and then focus on workouts that strengthen the core muscles like planks, press-ups, and even light weightlifting.

Lower Back Pain

Although there are many other causes of lower back pain, weak core muscles are the main reason. Failure to support the spine discs increases the pressure from the weight of the upper body, and recurrent lower back pain develops. In fact, the pain occurs in the muscles and tendons around the discs when pressure is exerted. The only way to eliminate this is to strengthen the muscles again. Start gradually with light exercises like using the elliptical trainer, presses, and lifting weights.

Inability to Hold a Plank

One of the workouts that brings core muscles into action is the plank. It is a simple workout, but even serious fitness enthusiasts who use Valkyrie products for fitness enhancement engage in planks quite often. If you are having difficulties holding a plank, it means that your core muscles are weak and might be getting even weaker. But you have to try and engage in planks more often if you want to get back in shape.


Lack of Balance

Lack of balance is an obvious sign that the core muscles are weak. Whether you are walking, standing or engaging in an activity, the main source of balance is your core area. If there is no balance when engaging in a simple physical activity, you must check your core area. With such a condition, you have to address it very quickly to prevent jeopardizing future fitness activities. There are many reliable workout programs that are meant to increase core muscle strength, and this is what you should focus on to improve balance. Just like in other situations, you must exercise and grow these muscles gradually to avoid injuring your core muscles.

Weakness in the Body

There is a good reason why your core area is very important. When it is affected, the whole body will typically suffer. If you have been feeling general weakness during fitness activities, there is a significant likelihood that these muscles are becoming weaker. In most cases, any other physical activity that you try will be a disaster. Therefore, every workout should be planned well. Put more focus on these muscles so that they can become strong again.


As you can see, there are many signs of weak core muscles. Your fitness trainer should also alert you when she or he detects that your output is low. Usually, this expert will know when the muscles are weakening by observing your workout trends. The good thing is that your fitness trainer will also help you to deal with the challenge in a professional way.