Tips For Home Cooks: Tools You Need To Boost Efficiency


The Right Kitchen Tools Can Help You To Be More Confident While You Are Cooking



While the cheap-hand-me-downs may have been working for your cooking skills for a while now, it may be the correct time to start buying some new tools to improve efficiency. There are of course always alternative ways to do things in the kitchen, for example, you can either use the mill option on the blender for pulses or you can beat it on the kitchen counter with a rolling pin. Surely you prefer the first option, where you can blend the pulses by merely pressing a button. Below are some top tools you should be getting for your kitchen right away.


Let’s start with the blender itself. This is one of the most frequently used tools in the kitchen for almost any type of recipe. There are different types that you can use depending on what you plan to cook. For soups and purees, you will need an immersion blender or a handheld one. These are good for even making smoothies or frothing up drinks. The handheld ones are quite versatile in use and not too expensive an investment. If you want a blender that can be used for more purposes, then you can opt for food processors. These can be used for blending items into a smooth puree or grinding things coarsely.


The contentment of slicing different items with the right knife cannot be explained easily. This is only known when you try to slice a tomato with a blunt knife and watch it being smashed as compared to when you slice a tomato with a knife specifically for it and you get perfect cubes for your salad. If you do not want to invest in a full knife set that comes in the fancy wooden block then you can instead look for a few essential ones. The most important ones to look out for are a chef’s knife, a serrated knife for use on bakery items, and a paring knife. You can basically use these three for all types of items in the kitchen. While you are at it, get a knife sharpener to lengthen the life of your knives. This way you will be able to sharpen your knives whenever they get dull.


By adding just a few cooking utensils you will be able to make any recipe without getting it burnt. Instead of getting a whole set of non-stick pans, you can invest in one that is of superior quality. Another pan that you will need is the cast-iron pan. This is a great cooking utensil that can help to preserve heat very well and will be perfect when you want to cook a nice steak or sear some meat items. The cast iron pan can help to develop flavor for meat dishes wherein searing is required.



Stainless steel is probably your best choice when it comes to selecting cooking pots. They are very durable and provide better conduction. For stews, you can look for a dutch oven that has a fairly large and wise surface area. It can be used for all one-pot recipes and will ensure that the food is cooked thoroughly. For quickly cooking rice or pulses or even meat at times, investing in a pressure cooker is a good idea. It can be a little scary to use one in the first place but eventually, this will be one cooking ware you will reach out for the most when your days are busy.


No matter what you do, refrain from using plastic spatulas as they will eventually end up in a disaster as they melt in your cooking pot and ruin your dish. Whenever you need to use a spatula as you cook on a hot stove, your best bet is to use wooden ones. The wooden spatulas which are flat on one side can help you to stir your food as well as be able to easily scrape anything that is stuck on the bottom of the pan. A rubber spatula is also heat resistant and can withstand really high temperatures.

Basic Kitchenware For Cooking

There are other bits and pieces that you can add to your kitchenware one at a time. These are not mandatory but will definitely help to get work done faster. This includes a masher for tenderizing meat or mashing potatoes. A clip-on colander is great for draining any items like rice or pasta without any chances of a slip taking place. A meat thermometer can help you to know the exact temperature the meat is cooking at. When it comes to cooking and boosting efficiency, every item that is added will only enhance the experience.

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