How Much Soya Chunks in a Day for Male?


How Much Soya Chunks in a Day for Male – Soya chunks are from the soy family and are principally made by removing the excess oil from soybeans. This essentially means soya chunks are nothing but fat-removed soybeans.


Soya chunks are mostly one of the best protein sources for vegetarians. Soya chunks are rich in phytoestrogens and are supposed to increase the estrogen level of your body. Soya chunks are found extensively in the Indian market.

How Much Soya Chunks in a Day for Male?

How Much Soya Chunks in a Day for Male


We fundamentally add soya chunks to our main meal be it in lunch or the evening. Therefore, here we will be conversing about the pros and cons of eating soy chunks along with their nutritional value.

What Are Soya Chunks?

Soya chunks are formed using soy flour from which the oil has been extracted (defatted). Soya chunks are a product made after removing soybean oil from soy flour. When dried out, they have a rough consistency. Once warm water or gravy is added to this combination, their texture rapidly changes to soft and spongy. Soya chunks can be ready in multiple ways, similar to non-veg curries. And a Fun fact is Soya chunks are also known as vegetarian meat.


What are the health benefits of Soya Chunks?

  1. High in protein

Soya chunks are extremely rich in protein and serve as one of the most significant sources of food for vegetarians. Consuming soya chunks on a consistent basis will help you to get the required amount of protein needed by your body. People with bodybuilding and muscle-building goals can eat soya chunks on a regular basis as it stores the essential protein requirement.

  1. Prevents anemia

Soya chunks being rich in Iron, can stop anemia. It supports the making of hemoglobin and myoglobin in the body, thus ensuring proper oxygen delivery to different parts of the body. Soya chunks are also great for athletes as it rises hemoglobin and offers immunity.

  1. Good for diabetic patients

Soya chunks help in preserving the blood sugar level of your body. As an outcome, it is great for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients have a lot of limitations regarding what foods to take and what not to take. Soya chunks are consumed in the chief meal and it is considered great in maintaining the sugar level. 

  1. Great for teeth and bones

Soya chunks are rich in iron and calcium. It supports both bones and teeth. It also plays a major role in stopping osteoporosis. Consumption of soya chunks twice a week will rise the calcium content of your body, eventually helping in the proper growth. The attendance of Iron in soya chunks is great for your hair.

  1. Lowers the cholesterol levels

Soya chunks are great for dropping the bad cholesterol in your body. However there is no proof that soya chunks rise the good cholesterol of your body, it lowers the bad cholesterol of your body. Soya chunks contain zero cholesterol. It decreases the risk of developing any heart diseases or strokes. Soya chunks are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are again great for your heart as it plays a major role in declining triglycerides and the blood pressure level in your body. 

  1. Weight management

Soya chunks are rich in fiber and protein. As a result, counting soya chunks in your diet will make you stay full for a longer period and will eventually help you in your weight loss journey.

  1. Great for brain

Soya chunks are rich in phosphorous, which is also great for your brain. It plays a main role in increasing your memory power.

What are the Side effects of eating soya chunks?

Soya chunks are supposed to have no side effects but overindulging soya chunks can have some main side effects. The side effects comprise:

  1. Might cause man boobs in males

If you eat too much of soya chunks is bad for your health. It should not be consumed by a male frequently. Soya chunks contain phytoestrogens which are responsible for the development of man boobs in a male. Soya chunks also comprise isoflavones which are accountable for activating the estrogen receptors in males and ultimately increasing the hormone levels. 

  1. Lowers testosterone level

Yet no research has shown this statement right certain studies prove that consuming too many soya chunks can lead to low testosterone levels in the body. It declines testosterone levels and increases cortisol release, especially when consumed after a workout.

  1. Blocks absorption of minerals

Soya chunks comprise phytates that block the absorption of minerals. Though soya chunks are rich in micronutrients the company of polyunsaturated fatty acids is also not decent for health.

  1. Increases uric acid levels

If you are Consuming too many soya chunks can increase the uric acid level of your body. This can result in numerous health diseases such as bloating, frequent mood swings, weight gain and pimples or acne.

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

  • What Are the Disadvantages of Soya Chunks?

The Disadvantages of having soya chunks comprise that they are extremely processed foods and are typically not found in their pure form. Additionally, adding oil and salt slightly reduces its nutritional value, which may not be suitable for the heart if consumed in excess. 

So, have small amounts of soya chunks from time to time. Other soy alternatives comprise tofu and tempeh, which you can try in the place of soya chunks.

  • Does Soya Chunks Decrease Testosterone?

Certainly, studies state that regular consumption of soy-based products such as soya chunks, and tofu might cause a drop in testosterone levels. Though, there isn’t much evidence or human research on this. They say that soy foods are rich in phytoestrogens; these are plant-based components that duplicate the effects of estrogen in your body by changing hormone levels and perhaps decreasing testosterone levels.

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After defining the pros and cons of eating soya chunks it is completely up to you whether you should eat soya chunks on a regular basis or not. Soya chunks are filled with nutritive values which provide great health benefits but some side effects are always related to it if you are overeating. 

So, we hope you like this article on “How Much Soya Chunks in a Day for Male” and get your answers here.


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