The Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card


There are many benefits of having a medical cannabis card. One of the most obvious is that weed is cheaper with a medical card.


Medicinal marijuana is cheaper than recreational marijuana because patients receive a tax exemption from the state. In addition, medical marijuana users can grow their plants.

Access to Medicinal Marijuana

In states where marijuana is legal for medical use, your primary care physician can recommend cannabis to help manage your symptoms. Once your doctor has approved you for medical marijuana, you can register in the state’s registry. Typically, this process is online and requires you to submit your doctor’s approval and proof of identity. Once registered, you can then purchase weed from licensed dispensaries. In addition, you may be exempt from paying sales tax on weed purchases or be able to receive discounts at the dispensary.

Marijuana is used to treat several conditions, including pain relief. The main chemical in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can relieve chronic pain without the side effects of opioids. It also can stimulate the appetite of cancer patients who experience nausea and loss of appetite.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, having a medical card provides numerous benefits, such as access to more weed than recreational consumers and priority access during supply shortages. You can get your medical marijuana card in minutes by completing a medical marijuana evaluation using a convenient and secure telemedicine service.


Reduced Risk of Criminal Charges

Getting a medical cannabis card gives you protection from prosecution. Depending on the state, being found in possession of cannabis without a valid card could result in a fine or even jail time. But with a med card, you’re protected against this as long as you have the necessary paperwork and follow your state’s purchase/possession limits guidelines.

Another benefit of a medical card is growing cannabis plants in your home or property. This is not a benefit available to recreational users, which makes having care extremely beneficial.

The Telemedicine platform provides a convenient, safe, and confidential way to connect with an experienced medical marijuana doctor. To obtain a medical marijuana card, you must have an online consultation with a registered practitioner. During this call, the doctor will evaluate your medical condition to determine whether cannabis could help treat it. Doctors are vetted healthcare professionals who have extensive experience issuing medical marijuana certificates to patients for a variety of conditions. They will also be able to provide you with the required documentation for the marijuana program.

Access to Discounts

As medical marijuana users, patients are often offered discounts and reduced rates on products unavailable to recreational shoppers. This is because recreational marijuana is heavily taxed, whereas medical cannabis is not. This can save you a significant amount of money on your cannabis usage.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you will also have access to exclusive medical dispensaries that are not open to the public. This allows you to shop for more products and strains and receive professional support on your cannabis journey.


In addition, many medical patients can grow up to 5 cannabis plants at their residence, much more than a recreational user can do. Caregivers are generally compassionate people that make it their mission to help patients in need and will work with you to provide a personalized, affordable experience.

Getting a medical marijuana evaluation is quick, simple, and affordable.

Access to Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries

A medical cannabis card gives you priority access to the cannabis marketplace. While every state’s rules vary, most will require you to register as a patient online and verify your doctor’s approval. This process is often simple and quick, allowing you to skip the line and enjoy your medicine immediately.

Many states also grant priority access to medical marijuana patients during critical supply times. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, some states allowed registered patients to bypass all other lines and purchase as much cannabis as they could legally possess. This benefit can make a difference when you struggle to manage your symptoms and desperately need relief.

Additionally, medical cannabis patients can avoid paying taxes when shopping at dispensaries. Recreational customers typically pay retail, excise, and sales taxes with each purchase, which adds up quickly. On the other hand, medical consumers do not have to pay these fees and can save up to 35% with each purchase. This can make the cost of your card more than worth it after just a few purchases.


Access to Medicinal Marijuana Products

Even after marijuana became legal for recreational use, it’s important to remember that having a medical cannabis card still gives you access to better products. Medical marijuana has a higher potency, which means you can get the relief you need without spending too much.

In addition, a lot of dispensaries reserve certain products exclusively for medical patients. These include vape cartridges/pens, edibles, capsules/tablets, tinctures, oral sprays, and more. These types of products tend to have higher concentrations of THC and CBD.

Lastly, having a medical cannabis card gives you a better chance of traveling with your medicine. Recreational users can only bring three ounces or 24 grams of cannabis on an airplane, but medical consumers can carry up to a 60-day supply in a cooler.

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