Surrogacy Clinic: What Are The Criteria When Choosing


The birth of a child in the traditional way is a miracle created by evolution. The birth of a child through surrogacy is also a miracle created by evolution plus the miracle of science made by humans. Everything is important in this process. From choosing the name of the child to choosing a surrogate agency.


In general, the surrogacy agency is responsible for all the important and complex processes associated with the surrogacy journey. It undertakes the management of all processes. However, you should also be aware of some things in order to navigate the process properly. For example, let’s talk today about choosing a surrogacy clinic.

Surrogacy Clinic


Actually, we have several important things to rely on when choosing a surrogacy clinic. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

  • Clinic location
  • Success Rates
  • Range of services you need and their cost

Clinic location

All surrogate mothers, intended parents, donors and agency representatives must have free access to the clinic. All these participants visit the facility frequently—sometimes urgently—and so this rule is in place for their convenience as well as safety reasons. It’s important to find a clinic that can handle urgent needs like this. Let’s say you need to come and do additional tests, but it isn’t possible—it will slow down the process because they have to organize everything in time. Also, the surrogate mother should be close enough so she is easily accessible by car/bus or plane if necessary. This is especially important for her, because a pregnant woman needs comfort when moving—especially in the extreme stages of pregnancy.


Success Rates

Clinics have good reasons to do whatever they can—legal or otherwise—to increase their success rates. As in any other business, there are many possibilities and many of them are even legal. That is why it can be difficult, if you are not well versed in this subject matter, to find a clinic that has your best interest at heart. Unfortunately there are many charlatans who take advantage of people new to the field. Professional and experienced agencies can help you find a clinic that is right for your needs.

Range of services you need and their cost

This is a very individual situation, so it’s worth going through a consultation and clearly understanding your needs. The price depends on the market—there are plenty of options available at any given time. It is important to compare prices, but keep in mind that a low price usually reflects poor quality. There is no way to save money here.

It is important to collect all the perfect ingredients for a trip. And then everything fits together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle—and miracles happen.

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