Stay Focused and Relaxed during College Session While Keep these Items Always with you


The start of a new college semester is exciting, especially considering the possibilities just on the horizon. A simple online search will produce countless lists of necessary college items, most of which are entirely useless and burdensome. If you would like to avoid purchasing too many unnecessary items and, rather buy the things you truly need, this list is for you. Essentially, we aim to suggest products that serve dual purposes, if only to save space as well as money.


Water filter pitcher


The Importance of Nutrition

First of all, it’s important to understand just how crucial proper nutrients can be, especially during the height of your education. Many of our suggestions involve overall consumption, from food to water and everything in between. These items are often overlooked, however, they are important to your overall success – especially during your college years.

Instant Pot


Many dorms make it almost impossible to use a hot plate to cook within your dorm, however, there are other options. An Instant Pot, for example, better enables residents to pressure cook, saute, slow cook, air fry, and even bake, all in one neat little package. Whether you are in a pinch and need to cook a roast on the fly, or plan to cook stew all day long, an Instant Pot will provide you with the tools you need to get it done.

Water Filter Pitcher

If you live in dorm, install an under sink water filter system may be difficult. However, a portable water filter pitcher will just fix your problem. Just fill the pitcher with tap water, then you will enjoy clean and safe water in a second. Waterdrop also has an excellent water filter pitcher with multi-stage filtration.

Late Night Study Sessions

Whether you are looking for the essentials to get you through the day, or need to dig in deep for a late night study session, there are a few key items to help you be successful. From researching for a big quiz, or maintaining focus with adequate hydration, let’s take a look at the best items to grab for a college study session in 2021.


Travel Bottle

From holding water to coffee, and many drinks in between, a high quality stainless steel bottle is something you will never want to leave at home. With your water filter, you can brew a double batch of coffee each morning to enjoy before you go, and another for later on. Or, you can fill it with fresh filtered water before dashing out the door.


With most college classes offering online availability, it’s important now more than ever to keep a decent laptop on hand. From turning in paperwork, to completing essential studying, this is probably one of the most important, albeit expensive, investments you can make. Look into your needs, and ensure your chosen models match up well with your requirements before taking the plunge.

Noise Canceling Earphones


With online classes becoming a norm with every passing day, earphones are quite the essential item. Even if you are studying in your dormitory, chances are, your roommate will be up to the same activity. Earphones, especially noise-canceling headphones, provide a quite environment regardless of your location. From the coffee shop to the public library, and everywhere in between, you will soon become attached to the freedom offered by your earphones. This means you can either appreciate your favorite playlist during a study session or get some much needed silence while you work.

Surviving Your College Years

A Roomy Backpack

Finally, we have reached the pinnacle of college necessities. From toting around the rest of your essentials, to saving your back, the proper backpack can make or break a college student. Ensure your chosen bag has room for the aforementioned products, especially your bottle. If you choose to tote your laptop with you everywhere you go, a laptop friendly backpack should not be overlooked. Set your style aside, and look for any available ergonomic options, and your back will thank you. Plus, most high quality backpacks have the potential to outlast your college years, which means it’s a long term investment – choose wisely.

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