Rosedale Health and Wellness


Rosedale health and wellness is a medical facility in Charlotte. Serving the community with the best healthcare service for the whole household.


Founded in 2006 by Dr Frederick Cruickshank, it was formerly known as Rosedale Infectious Diseases and was set to offer the best experience in medical services to all patients.

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Rosedale Health and Wellness


  • Caregivers

The institution has some of the best trained medical personnel who are well vetted to ensure this essential service is offered at its optimum and to all. Once you arrive at their premises, one is well assured of the best caregiver’s attention.


More so, you will be treated with the utmost respect, privacy, and professionalism by all who are found there, ensuring that at noontime will there be incidences of mistreatment or negligence by any of the health workers.

With the highly qualified medics, you are guaranteed that every patient brought is in safe hands, and the correct diagnosis and treatment is given to each one.

There is minimal to no incidences of wrongly diagnosed patients, treatments being administered inappropriately, or even a patient leaving the place without being attended due to lack of expertise.

  • Cleanliness

One of the critical things to check in a facility is the level of cleanliness, and Rosedale keeps their environment exquisitely spotless. This helps to ensure that they don’t become a breeding ground for diseases instead of treating them.

The support staff is always keen on maintaining the premise looking habitable and serene. This is done to boost the quick recovery of patients and helping all those who come to the place to feel comfortable and welcome.


Once you arrive, you are given the confidence of a well-maintained compound and therefore also improves the confidence in the institution as a whole.

  • Personalized care

This institution also offers excellent personalized treatment for both basic illnesses and also critical cases. Once you land in their care, you are given top-notch attendance and care for your needs at a personal level.

The caregivers serve you at your convenience, make sure your needs are met, and also go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable. Each medical case is handled on its own and not just generalized or assumed.

For patients who need critical care, there are medics who are there to offer the best support to ensure you and your loved ones are getting the best help possible.

Those in need of primary treatment and general doctor’s appointments are also well catered for, with the best consultants to keep your health in check and advise you accordingly.

  • Affordability

When it comes to affordability, you can rest assured that you will be given the best package there is.

With the company’s financial package, one is given pocket-friendly payment solutions that are well structured to ensure that you do not strain.

Moreover, with the various insurance plans that are incorporated in payment and also the affordable cost of the services offered, you can enjoy the best health care without financial strain.

  • Research and trials

The way to grow is to keep improving each day and expanding your knowledge. Clinical trials are one of the best ways to increase in the medical arena, and this institution ensures that they are not left out.

By being at the forefront of introducing their patients to new medications being experimented with and trying out new treatment plans, they help you harness the best from the medical field.


For HIV/AIDS patients, you are given a high priority in new treatments in the market to make sure that you are not left behind by opportunities to get better. Research is also a high priority so as to improve the kind of services offered, medicines being given, and the overall running of the health center.

You are assured of the most updated health worker, best-researched medications, and, therefore, best treatment for you and your loved ones. The facility can also enroll you as a patient to take part in new medical trials with your consent so that you can benefit from being among those receiving the best and most advanced care.

The protocols observed by the health practitioners when handling you are usually the most researched and the best.

  • Community impact

Rosedale health and wellness also is involved in community development by participating in community events and sponsoring some. This is a way of reaching out to you and your family, giving a platform of interaction between you and your healthcare providers.

They also reach out using venues like the Dudley’s Garden, Foundation for the Carolinas, Theatre Charlotte, Stonewall Sports Charlotte, Charlotte AIDS Walk, and Charlotte Pride.


Through these foundations, they are able to reach out to you in awareness walks, art shows, sports events, and other charity events. These are platforms set aside for the community to come on board and participate in the noble work being done with such a great organization.

The Dudley’s Garden helps raise awareness in good nutrition, sell to the community at an affordable price, and spice up your kitchen through interesting, healthy and affordable recipes. Theatre Charlotte and stonewall sports Charlotte participate in boosting art and sports in the community because these two are among the best platforms to relax and refresh your mind.

Charlotte AIDS Walk comes annually to support families and the people affected by the disease. Through these and many other media, you can join in the beautiful work of the organization of reaching out to even more people in the community.

  • Dudley’s place

Dudley’s place is a non-profit organization under Rosedale Health, and Wellness specially set aside to help the wellness of persons living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by the same.

It is set aside for ensuring that they get the best treatment, care and support from the health facility and even the community. The team of staff work hand in hand with those in


Rosedale, and since they are based within the exact location in Huntersville, medical care is available at all time. Through this, the patients are monitored well and assured of the best wellness experience.  Click here to see a few tips you could use when looking for wellness products to use.


When searching for a suitable health facility Rosedale Health and Wellness is your partner that won’t disappoint you. The services are top-notch, the environment is serene, and the staff are what you are looking for. When you visit, you leave better and healthier than you came in.

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