A smile makeover can change your life


From helping to improve your self-confidence and social standing to boosting your career prospects, a smile makeover has been credited with improving lives in hundreds of different ways.


Many who’ve had a smile makeover are thrilled with how it’s changed their lives for the better.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy with your teeth to qualify for one of these treatments. Instead, receiving a smile makeover is often simply the result of wanting to upgrade what you already have.

Still confused about what a smile makeover is? Then, let’s take a look at how it can change your life for the better.

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What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover doesn’t involve any surgery or invasive dental treatment, instead of using simple cosmetic techniques to provide you with a new and improved smile.

You may be aware of teeth whitening, but plenty of other treatments fall under the “smile makeover” umbrella. These include dental veneers, using bonding to change the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic fillings, and orthodontics.

If you’re unsure how a smile makeover can help you, talk with your dentist or hygienist about what they can do for you.

What’s the best age to get a smile makeover?

There’s no “right” age to have a smile makeover, as any of these treatments can be used at any time. But there are specific procedures that are probably better carried out during childhood or young adulthood. Here are a few of the most common:

* Teeth whitening: Young people’s teeth are still developing and more responsive to this procedure. As a result, it can often provide permanent results rather than be repeated every couple of years.


Whitening is also generally cheaper when you’re young due to shorter treatment times and the ability to use stronger concentrations of whitening bleach.

A white smile not only looks great but can boost your confidence, helping you feel better about yourself. This is especially helpful during teenage years when many are highly self-conscious about how they look to others.

While conventional wisdom suggests that teeth yellow with age, the truth is that stains usually cause it, and while many people assume that it’s coffee, tea, or smoking that leads to stained teeth, the reality is there are plenty of other things that can stain your teeth, including some medications and even certain types of fruits and vegetables!

* Braces: Parents are often reluctant to have their children fitted with braces because they’re worried that they’ll be embarrassed or get teased at school. That shouldn’t be the case, however, as there are plenty of adults who have had braces and say it’s one of the best things they ever did.

If you’re in your early teens or later twenties/early thirties, you might not need to wait until adulthood for kids’ braces to come off. However, the length of treatment and cost will be similar no matter what age you are, so it’s often worth getting them fitted earlier than expected.


* Veneers: Another treatment that can be carried out in young adults is veneer cement. This involves taking a snap on tooth-coloured piece to cover the front of your teeth, making them look straighter and more even. This treatment is used to help improve the aesthetics of your smile without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

While veneers are typically considered “cosmetic dentistry“, they do carry health benefits too. They can disguise crooked or discoloured teeth, for example, helping you feel better about your smile in social situations.

Often, a simple tooth-whitening procedure can have a similar effect on your teeth, but it’s much less permanent, with the whitening chemicals wearing off over time. In addition, veneers won’t damage the underlying structure of your teeth.

What are the benefits of smile makeovers?

There are plenty of reasons you might consider undergoing a smile makeover, with the most common being improving your appearance. Whether it’s minor corrections that will give your teeth an instant boost or something more substantial, like dental work for cosmetic surgery, there’s no reason not to at least explore what’s currently available.

Another advantage of smile makeovers is that they can help you to eat more comfortably.


Unsightly dental work, such as worn or chipped teeth, can cause mild discomfort with certain foods and drinks, so getting them treated could improve your diet.

It’s also helpful to speak more confidently in public or prepare for an upcoming social event. In addition, a brighter, more attractive smile has been shown to boost self-confidence, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed in a variety of different situations.

While the most crucial factor is your health, having healthy teeth can be beneficial for other areas of your life, too – from improving how people judge you to boosting your confidence and mood. So, please don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy smile, as it can significantly impact your life.

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