4 Questions To Ask Before Getting Dentures


Most people are hesitant to get dentures because they don’t know much about them. But if you have damaged or missing teeth, it’s your best option. Thanks to modern technology, dentures are now more comfortable and versatile. This is also why dentists can now confidently recommend the procedure to everyone regardless of their age.


So, if you decide to get dentures, you need to obtain as much information about them as you can. This is especially true since it’ll require you to invest a significant amount of money and time.

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Here are some questions you should ask your dentist before getting dentures:

1. What Kind Of Dentures Are There And Which One Is Best For Me?

Dentures are more natural-looking now than before. Back in the day, they’re known for looking fake, which is why few people only get them. Nowadays, they’re more comfortable, versatile, and natural-looking than ever. When it comes to your options, there are two main types to choose from—full or partial.


The type of dentures you’ll need depends on your circumstance. For example, if you lost a single tooth or a few teeth, you should go with partial dentures. But for those people with most of their teeth damaged or only has a couplesalvageable left, full dentures are your best option. It’s important to consult a dentist first, so they can recommend the right dentures for you.

2. What Does It Feel To Wear Dentures?

Because dentures are foreign substances, it can be a new experience for you that’ll take some time getting used to. The way you eat and speak will likely be affected in the first few days. It may take weeks before you can get used to your new set of dentures.

While it can take some time, the good news is that you can put a smile on your face again and socialize with your friends and family without any hesitation. Once they set in, dentures provide oral and lip support so you can easily speak and pronounce words the same way with your natural teeth before. As you get used to them, you’ll find them very comfortable.

3. What Benefits Can I Get From Dentures?

Dentures are ideal for people with complex dental health problems. For those who have lost teeth or damaged teeth that need to be removed, they can benefit a lot from getting dentures.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • They can improve your ability to eat and chew food.
  • They give you the confidence to smile without any hesitation again.
  • They improve your ability to speak and pronounce words.
  • They reducethe risks of infections and irritations in your mouth.
  • They improve your overall health as dentures allow you to eat a wider variety of foods than before.

Not to mention that dentures are advanced now that they no longer come with the problems associated with them before.Keep in mind, though, that the benefits you’re going to enjoy from getting dentures will depend on your overall dental health and the procedures that are available for you.

4. How Much Do They Cost?

This is a common concern for many people who are looking to get dentures. It can be hard to answer how much they cost as their price will depend on your situation, dental service provider, and the type of dentures you’re going to get.

If you still have natural teeth that can still be salvaged, you’re most likely be getting partial dentures, which means less expense for you. But if most of your teeth can no longer be saved, expect to spend more because you’re likely to get a full set.

The cost of dentures will depend on the procedure and type that’s suited for your needs. You may also want to check with your insurance if it covers the cost of getting dentures. This is why it’s important to consult your dentist first. This is where the professional will lay out all the options available for your situation and budget.

Final Thoughts

While losing your natural teeth may make you feel bad and lose confidence, the good news is there’s still hope for you. Dental care has come a long way and is continuing to advance and come up with new solutions. You only need to explore your options.


Today’s dentures are more natural-looking, comfortable, durable, and versatile. With the help of your dentist and proper dental care on your part, you’ll soon find out just how good dentures are! Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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