Proven And Unquestionable Benefits Of Hemp To Humanity


Hemp is from the same family as the marijuana plant and both are from the cannabis family. Some people can get them confused, but they are very different in DNA and in their everyday applications. What makes them different is the amount of TBH in both, with hemp having less than 0.3% THC, which is why it has no psychoactive effect.


As far back as ancient China, it has been proven that hemp has been used in a versatile amount of ways around the world, including textiles and fabric for clothing, paper for printing, and medicinal purposes. Hemp has been proven to be a very beneficial plant that comes in 3 main forms that have contributed to the overall well-being of humans, has aided in the combatting of many chronic issues, and has been used in a myriad of products that we use every day.

Benefits Of Hemp To Humanity


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Hemp Flower / CBD Hemp Flower

This flower or bud has no psychoactive effect. It has micro traces of THC and tends to be high in CBD, so it is very beneficial for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting high from smoking. Many people have been using the hemp flower as a mood enhancer and energy provider. The main benefits of CBD hemp flower for sale has been towards the treatment of inflammation, depression, insomnia, and anxiety, treatment of epilepsy in children, loss of appetite, acne, and pain-relief, with other calming and healing benefits. The most recent emerging benefit of smoking hemp flower is its ability to help people quit smoking when they replace their tobacco cigarettes with hemp.


Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is the most common and popular product also made from the hemp plant. Like most oils available on the market such as olive oil and avocado oil, it is produced by cold pressing of hemp seeds. The benefits of hemp oil nutritionally are similar to healthy fatty oils, which contain omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. It is also very rich in proteins, soluble & insoluble fibers, and several minerals and vitamins. This oil can be used as a direct food source like any oil in your kitchen. For the preparation of salads, shakes, sauces, and more. The one drawback of hemp oil is that it cannot be cooked or exposed to high temperatures due to a very low smoke point

Hemp oil comes with its own set of benefits, apart from its nutritional value, it contributes to improving heart health, reduces symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps, aids in digestion, can alleviate diabetes symptoms, improve immunity, and improves skin, hair, and scalp health.

Hemp Seeds

Historically, hemp seeds were consumed by cattle and animals. Having discovered its many healthy and beneficial effects, people started consuming them regularly. Today hemp seeds are found in many household and supermarket items. They are used as an additive to mass-marketed foods such as flakes, protein bars, smoothies, desserts, and added to salads for added nutritional value. Like hemp oil, the same nutritional elements are present, omega-fatty acids, proteins, fiber, and vitamin A and E that provide health-improving effects.

Hemp has been proven scientifically and historically to be of use in humans at large in many different ways. Used historically for a majority of activities such as creating clothes, isolating ships, and even printing books; the Gutenberg Bible, the oldest bible in history, was printed on hemp paper. Hemp is still used in a lot of textile, beauty, and plastic products as a natural form of material. The uses of hemp are never-ending and will continue to provide positive uses for years to come.