This Online Running App is Creating a Revolution- Check it Out


The decade after 2010 has seen a phase of quick development in the field of technology. Today, technological interventions are revolutionising many fields. The latest app to revolutionise the fitness industry is here.


For all the fitness buffs across the world, Vingo, the all-new online running app is an incredible dream come true. Vingo takes you into the world of VR where you can work-out in your own dream world. All you need is a treadmill and in no time, you will be fit as a fiddle. Let’s take a look at the cool features of Vingo and explore how it works,

Online Work-outs

Vingo is designed with detailed images from some of the most famous locations across the world. By installing the app on your mobile or your tablet or even your smart TV, you can select any of the locations to be shown before you. With the arrival of Virtual Reality glasses, you can imagine how realistic these locations can be in the app. Once inside the location, you can see, talk and interact with people who share your location in the app.

Custom Avatars

The important part of being online is how you look inside it. In Vingo, you can create your own avatar by uploading your selfie. You can select everything from your body type, complexion, outfits, and work-out gear to make your avatar an exact copy of you in the online world. Remember, your avatar is what people are going to notice when they talk with you over voice chat. Make sure you gear up well before you start your indoor running.

Social Connectivity

Vingo is enabled with a social connectivity feature where, like we said before, you can talk with your fellow Vingo-ers online. But there’s more. On Vingo, you can connect with your family and friends and form communities, where you can encourage each other to have a fun work-out. Also, you can join communities based on your location, time zones, work-out types and more. Vingo is more than an online running app; it is a social network!


Fitness Targets

On Vingo, you can provide your daily, weekly and monthly targets and let the app monitor your progress. Once you connect your phone with your treadmill, the app automatically detects your speed, time, pace and other info and suggests ways for improvement. The app will suggest you with tougher tracks, routes and maps to help you push your limits. The challenging part is that you can unlock more and more maps and locations as you complete your daily challenges, work-out goals, and targets.

Newest Features

The app’s newest addition is the Iceland Map, which has some of the best graphics in the app so far. With stunning tracks over volcanoes, calm beaches, and exciting slopes, the Iceland map will surely become your new favourite adventure.

If you want to have an easy and a lasting solution for all your fitness worries, then know that the urgent care provided by the Vingo app is the best technological solution as of date.

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