Brilliant Gadgets That Can Monitor Your Health

The world we live in has numerous health issues that often lead to unimaginable pain. Technology can help resolve most of these health issues, and over the years, various companies have heavily invested in creating health devices. Currently, some wearables and gadgets can help manage your illness irrespective of whether it is back pain, a sore neck, high blood pressure or even stress. In case you suffer from chronic pain, you can attest that the smallest change in your health has a significant effect on your everyday life. In case you need to boost your performance, improve your posture or keep your stress levels at a minimum, here a few gadgets you can use.

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Monitor Your Health

Hybrid Watch Tracker

This type of watch has traditional mechanics; it doesn’t have a touch screen and looks like just a normal watch. What makes it unique is you can connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can download apps that keep track of your steps, monitors your sleep patterns, and records your burnt calories. Based on the expert advice at, aside from looking for a stylish watch that is comfortable, you may also want to consider a watch that keeps track of your health, and one which doesn’t need constant charging. Hybrid watches are powered by a cell battery that lasts up to 6 months; it doesn’t need charging, but it needs to be replaced, which you can conveniently do at home.

Darma Pro

You probably need a gadget that discourages you from sitting less or having a better sitting posture. Darma Pro is a useful gadget considering that it has built-in sensors that monitor your sitting posture, stress levels, and your sitting duration. You need a device that reminds you to sit appropriately, and Darma Pro sends some vibrations through the cushion and alerts you via the Darma application. The device also alerts you whenever you take sitting breaks based on the preset goals.

Muse Headset

The elegant headset is user-friendly and operates by employing brain wave biofeedback devices to help you when you are meditating and enables you to be calm. Muse records your brainwaves, then gives you feedback in the form of mild or intense weather that lets you know the intensity of stress that your brain emits. The features make it a pleasant and comfortable gadget to use when calming yourself since it brings nature sounds to calm you down.

Zinto Walk

The Zinto walk is a detachable activity and posture coach that will analyze your walking patterns using motion sensors. Whenever it detects any imbalance, for instance, when you walk hunched over or when you reduce your pace, it will send some vibrations through the wristband, alerting you to correct your posture and pace. The gadget comes in a variety of colours and Italian strap bracelets to fit with your style.


Instead of wearing this gadget on your body, it is attached to your training gear to monitor your performance. The device is currently available for golf, tennis and tennis enthusiasts; the sensors capture ball kicks and club swings, to enable you to improve your game. The gadget sensors can easily attach to calf sleeves, tennis rackets, golf gloves, and weighs less than an ounce.


The gadget uses a pulse sensor to keep track of your heartbeat, then helps you relax and reduce your heart rate. When you practice with emWave2, you will learn how to regulate your heartbeat and achieve a happier and relaxed state. The gadget comes with heart slowing games that you can play, then use emWave2 when performing your chores. In case you are hypertensive, this gadget is advisable despite the price since it will help you relax.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The monitor is a technologically infused cuff that you can wear to monitor your blood pressure. The gadget provides an accurate reading of your blood pressure levels that you can view using the application, then send the report to your physician immediately. It would help if you kept your MD in perfect condition through sharing real-time values you receive and also feel confident since you know that you have taken control of your health.

The Pip

You might not know this, but your fingertip pores are sensitive to stress levels, and this gadget will capture stress level fluctuations and communicate with you on display. Pip is a tiny gadget, the size of a watch, that you hold between your forefinger and the thumb. Upon setting your baseline levels, the device analyzes stress levels; therefore, you can relax using the de-stress activities and games available in the device.

Stress Thermometer

The thermometer gives you a great taste of biofeedback operation. The gadget operates using a simple premise; whenever you are relaxed, your hands warm-up, but when you are tense, they get cold. The thermometer measures the fluctuating temperature on your fingers then the gadget will help you relax.

There you have it; these devices can help you manage chronic conditions since they are innovative and could quite literally change or even save your life. Consider purchasing some of these gadgets and start over a new healthier life.