Low Blood Pressure, Symptoms and Treatment


Low blood pressure problems and symptoms appear because the less blood pressure there is, the less amount of blood will reach your vital organs. This is a serious condition that in some severe cases could lead to fatal consequences. A sudden drop of blood pressure must be treated immediately, so if you feel symptoms such as dizziness and fainting, you need to call an emergency! With a sudden drop, you don’t need the levels of blood pressure too low.


Blood pressure numbers are measured through two numbers. The first one refers to the systolic blood pressure and the second one to diastolic blood pressure. However, determining a low blood pressure reading is not as easy as determining a case of hypertension, since numbers vary according to each individual.

An average number for a blood pressure reading to consider having blood pressure too low is 90/60 and less. But as I said before, this number will vary from individual to individual, so we have for example that for a healthy fit person, as an athlete, having low blood pressure is a reflection of their health. On the other side, a fat person will have a higher “normal” blood pressure reading.

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Low Blood Pressure



So the question that pops into the minds of many people is: can blood pressure be too low?

As we all know, if you can have low blood pressure and still be perfectly healthy. So the best way to determine if your blood pressure levels are too low is through the classic symptoms of dizziness and lightheadedness, especially when it is persistent and lasting. As the first line of treatment, it may be advised to properly hydrate the body as dehydration is one of the common causes of hypotension.

If you experience lightheadedness also get quickly an appointment with your doctor to determine other underlying causes of your low blood pressure and the best course of action to take.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

When we talk about low blood pressure, we are referring to a significant drop of the pressure of blood in our body. This condition is also known as hypotension, and when you suffer from it, there is not enough blood and oxygen being pumped to the organs for its correct functioning. In some cases, this condition can lead to serious problems and even death.

Unlike hypertension, which has unnoticed symptoms until the condition gets too advanced, low blood pressure appears with a set of classic signs and symptoms, which are the following:

  • Dizziness. This may feel like the ground is rocking as if you were standing on a boat.
  • Difficulty seeing as everything becomes dark.
  • Fainting.
  • Mental confusion; people with these symptoms might feel growing anxiety and a sense of “impending doom”.
  • Nausea
  • You get a sudden feeling of cold and clammy hands/feet

All of these symptoms merit a visit to the doctor, but you should put special attention to dizziness and fainting. In the case you feel those two symptoms, you should call emergency immediately. Failing to do that can prove to be extremely dangerous to your health. Here on this site, we’ll never get tired of recommending this to everyone who pays us a visit. A sudden drop in blood pressure can also be dangerous, and you don’t need to have low levels of blood pressure to start feeling the symptoms.

low bp

These low blood pressure symptoms can appear as a result of different factors, such as heart problems, pregnancy, the effect of certain medications (diuretics, beta blockers), hormonal problems, adrenal insufficiency, disorders with the nervous system, blood loss, dehydration, diabetes, and even age. On this site, you will find more information about the causes of low blood pressure.

The symptoms you may develop can also be a sign of a stroke, a heart attack, and other dangerous problems involving the nervous system.

Cures for Low Blood Pressure

Hypotension occurs when we have low blood pressure levels.  This condition presents itself with symptoms that include dizziness, fatigue, and can be caused by a series of underlying factors like blood loss, nutritional deficiencies (vitamin B-12), endocrine conditions, and dehydration among other causes.


Recommend treatments are below:


Among the treatments used are cures for low blood pressure that works great on many people.  The good thing about these cures is that they are natural and don’t require you to buy any special medication. Some doctors claim that these cures don’t work, but on the other hand, we have a mass of people who control their pressure levels by using them.  Here you will find a few of these low blood pressure treatments.

Indian Spikenard. This is one of the most effective home remedies for low blood pressure. Use forty grain doses and add a small amount of camphor and cinnamon along with it. Mix the herb for low blood pressure with boiling water (250 ml), and take it two times a day.

Beetroot. Drink a cup of beetroot juice twice a day to improve your blood pressure levels.

Healthy diet As we mentioned in many cases the low blood pressure symptoms are caused by a lack of proper nutrition, specifically, because of a vitamin B-12 deficiency.  You need to add to your diet food that provides this vitamin to prevent anemia.

Salt. Salt can help you elevate your blood pressure levels, using it is easy, just eat salty food along with your blood pressure treatment only until pressure levels are back to normal again.


Epsom Salts Bath. This is a great home remedy for low blood pressure used with success by thousands of people. Just prepare a hot bath and to the water 500g of Epsom Salt. Now get into the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes.  People who have practiced this home remedy advise to do it the night before going to sleep.

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