An introduction to dab rigs


Are you looking for a new way to consume your marijuana but don’t know what you should be looking for? Are you worried about the health risks that come along with smoking marijuana and are looking to use a dab rig instead?


The marijuana industry is growing at an incredible rate and this is all down to the fact that the use of recreational marijuana has become legalised in more and more places in the world and isn’t going to stop any time soon. It has come incredibly popular which has allowed for the introduction of new and creative ways to consumes marijuana, one of these being the dab rig.

Dab rigs are similar to that of bongs but make use of a concentrate instead of the actual herb making it a bit more complicated to use. But if you choose this method of consumption, you don’t have to worry about how complicated it can be, as today you can find a lot of instructions online and websites that offer product descriptions on every single device. There are well-established online shops like Grasscity which have significant experience in the industry by being aware about the challenges that you can face when using dab rigs. That is why they offer not just the most modern devices on the market, but also well described instructions for using them. So, if you need to find your perfect device, you can simply look through the types available and choose the option which can give you the experience you need. But there are some things you need to get familiar with before you make a decision and here is everything you need to know as an introduction to dab rigs.

dab rigs


What is a dab rig?

If you are new to the world of marijuana or are just now hearing about dab rigs, you may have absolutely no idea what they are or how they work. Many people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and are worried about the harm smoking may cause their lungs. This is where dab rigs come in. dab rigs make use of vapor instead of smoke when is then inhaled.


A dab rig is a glass piece that is made up of a pipe, and a nail. It makes use of a concentrated solution of marijuana in the form of a wax or an oil which allows you to know the exact dose of what you are taking but also allows you to have a much stronger dose of marijuana.

What are the components?

A dab rig is slightly more complicated than just lighting up a joint and you need quite a few components in order to get going. The basics of dab rigs that you can buy together are the glass piece or pipe and the nail. The glass piece is the main component that contain the mouthpiece as well. This is what you inhale through.

The nail is what is heated before you place you concentrate on it. This can be interchangeable with a material of your choice. Components that don’t come included with your dab rig are a flame torch and a dabber. The flame torch is what you will need to heat up the nail in order for the concentrate to vaporise. The dabber isn’t a necessary component but many people like to make use of them because they are much cleaner and make it easier to use. They are wands that you can place a small amount of the concentrate on to. This is what you can use to place the concentrate on the nail instead of making a mess of your bottle of concentrate.

How does it work?

If you are familiar with how a bong works you may find that a dab rig uses the same kind of technology and the same basic idea of heating a product and then diffusing the vapour through a bowl of water. A dab rig works the same way but instead of using the actual herb, you make use of a wax or oil concentrate.

When starting off, you will fill the bowl of you glass piece with a reasonable amount of water, this is what will diffuse the concentrate. Next up you will place a small amount of concentrate on your dabber so that you can have it ready for when you need it. Following this you must heat up your nail, facing away from the glass piece to avoid breaking it. Do this until the nail is glowing red. Lastly place your concentrate on the nail, move it all around to cover the whole surface, place your mouth over the mouth piece, and inhale.


Different nails

Once you get a big more into using you dab rig, you may discover that you prefer different types of nails. You don’t have to use the nail that you rig came with, you can change it up to be best suited to you.

There are a variety of different kinds of nails but the most common are ceramic, glass, and steel. They all perform quite differently but in the end, they all get the job done. Glass nails are just the nicest looking although they tend to break relatively easily. Ceramic nails are the most popular as they are sturdy and retain heat very well. A less common one is the steel one, these retain heat really well too.

The different types of rigs

Choosing the type of rig, you want is all down to personal preference but if you are a first timer with a dab rig you might just want to go for a basic glass piece to see if you even like it. Other kinds of rigs include silicone rigs and even electric rigs that don’t require you to have any external source of heat. All of these are wildly different but do the same thing. If you are looking for something a bit higher class you might go for an electric rig but the good old glass rig is a classic.

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