How To Make A Personality Quiz?


Personality quizzes are one of the most practical and ethical ways to collect customer data, gain prospective leads, and build a huge brand following.


People love to know more about themselves. And the personality quiz delivers it.

So, as long as you create a fun and relevant personality test, more and more leads will flood in with the right marketing tactics.

How To Make A Personality Quiz?

How To Make A Personality Quiz


Want to know how to create your personality quiz?


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What are Personality Quizzes?

A personality quiz is a collection of fun yet interactive questions (usually, multiple-choice ones) that helps people learn something new about themselves.

It helps you understand your preferences, unique traits, and other characteristics based on specific contexts. One Psychology Today report found that nearly 80% of all Fortune 500 use some kind of personality test to assess their workforce.

So, what makes these quizzes popular? Well, these tests provide you instant gratification by combining your innate curiosity with the drive to understand yourself better. The tests help you discover your unique traits, helping you explore more about your personality.

And who wouldn’t want to learn more about themselves? The personality quizzes are a great tool to discover your deep desires in a fun way.


These days, these quizzes are also a part of modern medical diagnosis, HR management, and market research.

Businesses often use this kind of quiz to provide personalized experiences to their customers, fostering trust and loyalty to their brands. After all, this will ultimately lead to sales and create a sizable following.

Want to understand what a personality test looks like? Get started with Practical Pie’s personality assessment to understand how these quizzes work.

Why Should You Create a Personality Quiz?

We understand that personality quizzes are popular and fun. But why should you, as a professional or businessman, care about them?

Here are a few reasons why you should care and create a personality test for your business as well:

  • To Understand Your Prospective Customers

You can use the questions of the quiz to understand your customers better. For example, you can check how your customers or leads answer the questions to gain insights into their needs and behavior patterns.

This way, you will be able to create customized offers for different audience segments, resulting in better sales and loyal followers.

  • To Build Trust

The quizzes deliver customized results based on how people answer the questions. It shows that you care about your customers enough to give personalized results.

And it builds trust.

Here’s the truth – people are sick of generic marketing. They want you to deliver what they want, not what you want to sell them.


When you offer personality tests, it shows that you are eager to understand your customers’ needs. So, people would be more inclined to buy from you, and not from your competitors.

  • To Grow Your Newsletter and List of Leads

Do you want to grow your email list and gain more prospective customers? The personality tests are the way to go.

With these quizzes, you would have a valid reason to collect emails from your leads to grow your email newsletters quickly. And the best part – you won’t have to sound like a flimsy salesman to do it.

You can use these tests as a tool for the survey attached to your website.

  • To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

People are more likely to share their personality test results on social media channels, bringing more attention to your brand.


This will eventually result in more test takers and traffic to your website.

While exploring the numbers, we found that:

  • The shareability rate of interactive content like quizzes is 38%, which is way higher than the shareability rate of static content which is just 17%.
  • Personality tests are 58% more likely to convert clicks into leads.
  • Close to 88% of all marketers who participated in the Outgrow survey said that interactive content, such as personality tests, helped them stand out from their competitors. The result – more brand recognition, more customers, and more profits.

How to Create a Personality Quiz?

Now that you know the benefits of personality quizzes, it’s time to create one. Just follow the steps mentioned below to create your very own personality test.

  • Select a Suitable Template

You can start writing a draft for your personality test from scratch if you want. That’s perfectly fine.

However, if this is your first time creating a quiz, we recommend going to a reliable quiz creation website or app to select a quiz template.


For this type of test, you should choose a template with MCQ format unless you have any specific goal in mind.

  • Customize the Template by Adding Questions, Pictures, and Results

You have selected your template. So, it’s time to customize it according to your preferences and your business goals.

To do it, you can:

  • Add questions and answers
  • Upload GIFs, emojis, images, or videos to increase the overall appeal of the quiz
  • Write an eye-catching title for the test
  • Choose a list of quiz results that would resonate with your customers
  • Alter fonts, color, or any aspect of the quiz to fit your brand
  • Add quiz result share buttons to make sharing the test result easier for your test takers

Share Your Quiz

This is the final step. Once your quiz is ready, you should share it by adding it to your website, running social media ads, and more.



With a personality quiz, you can interact with your prospective customers, get useful insights, and build trust.

As more people take quizzes and share their results on social media, you will be able to collect customer data ethically to craft better campaigns targeting your customers’ needs.

So, are you ready to develop your very own personality quiz?

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