How to Force Yourself to Pee for a Drug Test?


How to Force Yourself to Pee for a Drug Test – Numerous people frequently have difficulty when they have to pee for a drug test. A urine drug test is a test that analyzes your urine to determine the presence of certain illegal drugs and medications.


A urine drug test typically screens for marijuana, PCP, methadone, barbiturates, methamphetamines, etc. To take the test, you will be given a cup, which you need to pee inside. EASNA mentions that your employer should let you do this when setting up drug policies. – added to the go for a walk section.

How to Force Yourself to Pee for a Drug Test?

How to Force Yourself to Pee for a Drug Test


For several people, peeing only comes when your brain is being notified by your never systems that your bladder is full and time to urinate. Other than that, it becomes very difficult to pee when the body hasn’t given even the smallest sign. Without feeling the consciousness of pressure in your abdomen, which gives the signal to visit the bathroom to pee, you might find it hard forging yourself to urinate.

There are circumstances we might find ourselves in which need us to urinate. An example is a situation where we need to pee and bring our urine for a drug test. This is always the norm in cases of severe infection; a urine sample is very important for the test to be conducted so a correct diagnosis can be made. Classically, doctors hand us a sterilized plastic container to urinate inside and bring it to them so they can run numerous tests.


Why you might have problems peeing when required?

Here are some factors that can constrain you from peeing when required, particularly for a drug test. It can be challenging to force yourself to urinate, specifically when you don’t have your bladder full.

  • Holding your pee for too long

Conferring to Mehran Movassaghi, a urologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica, California, holding back your pee when pressed can work also against it. By doing that, you’re training your bladder to hold back urine, and this can make you brawl to pee. 

  • Constipation

Another example you might have a problem peeing is if you have Constipation. It can also be a subject when your rectum is packed with poop. It obliges your bladder, so you can’t freely empty your urine as you typically do.

  • Shy bladder

Similarly, people who are shy about peeing around others in a packed bathroom might struggle to pee. It is a medical condition called paruresis which is also called shy bladder.

How can you make yourself pee for A drug test?

It is not medically desirable to force yourself to pee if you don’t have to; though, if you must pee for a drug test, here are some ways that can help you do that.

  1. Drink plenty of water

If you immediately need to make yourself pee, then the fastest and most apparent way is to drink lots of water. When you are not correctly hydrated, you will be unable to pee because there isn’t enough liquid in your bladder to pass out.

  1. Running the water technique

When you’re sitting on the commode (for women), or standing to pee (for men) turn on the faucet so the water can run. You need to relax and simply ease your mind to focus on the sound of the water running. It can tempt the bladder to open up.

  1. Rinsing your perineum

Rinse your perineum, which is the skin between your genitals and anus, can help to make pee. You simply need to sit on the toilet and use warm water to rinse the perineum

  1. Bend forward technique

This technique works mostly for women who, for the most part, pee while bending. Sit on the toilet, with your feet flat on the floor, in a leaned-forward position, and with elbows on your knees. Then you need to bend forward a little. This position supports stimulating the bladder and induces peeing.

  1. Breath-hold technique

You need to sit on the toilet, breath ordinarily, and exhale about 75% of your breath. Hold your breath. This might stimulate your bladder after 45 seconds.

  1. Go for a walk

Going for a walk is a method of physical activity that can stimulate your bladder. Try walking around your room for some time and pause to see if it works. If, after these techniques and you still find it hard to pee, you might need to visit your doctor.

  1. Tap the suprapubic area

An alternative way to make yourself pee for a drug test, a by tapping the suprapubic area. Go to the toilet and relax like you are about to pee. You need to use two fingers to quickly tap the area between your navel and pubic bone (for women) or penis (for men). Keep beating every second for up to 30 seconds.

Why would you need to make yourself pee? 

Have you ever speculated how your body knows when it’s time to urinate? Your nerve system guides your body to alert your brain when your bladder is full. When you have to pee, you feel a pressurized sensation in your abdomen, signaling that it’s time to visit the bathroom. In some situations, you might have to fight your body to pee. This may be when your doctor asks you to give urine for examination at a checkup. This is named a urinalysis. Your doctor will give you a sterile plastic vessel into which you urinate, and they’ll run several tests on your urine sample.

Or you might have trouble after surgery if you grow a common condition called neurogenic bladder, which delays your normal nerve signals from the bladder to the brain. This makes it problematic or impossible for your body to figure out whether or not it has to release urine. Urine contains waste foodstuffs that can be unsafe to the body if you “hold it in.” Numerous medications can cause temporary urinary retention.

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