How Drunk Driving Can Lead To A Hospital Bed


Drunk driving has been one of the leading causes of road accidents in many states. For this reason, different laws have been developed to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes that occur due to drunk driving.


For instance, some of the measures implemented in different regions include increased public awareness, driver evaluations on the road, higher alcohol pricing, and reduced availability of the drink. There are also punishments imposed on those caught driving under alcohol influence. Some of them are imprisonment, confiscation of vehicle registration plates, license revocation or suspension, vehicle impoundment, or hefty fines.

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How Drunk Driving Can Lead To A Hospital Bed


What Should You Do After A Drunk Driver Injures You?

Despite implementing harsh measures to curb drunk driving, many people still die or get injured on the road because of people who operate vehicles under alcohol influence. If you or your loved one have been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, the law allows you to sue the operator. This way, you could get compensated for the pain, hardship, medical expenses, or lost wages caused.


That said, you must ensure to hire an excellent lawyer for your case. This way, you could have a better chance of winning against your opponent and getting fair compensation. Therefore, before hiring an attorney, ensure they’re reputable, well experienced in the car accident field, and have a good case success record.

Besides that, ensure that you also choose a local professional who properly understands the laws within your region. For instance, if you live in Houston, Texas, you could consider working with Joe Stephens or other reliable professionals near you. If you stay in other locations, research online to find the best attorney to hire or ask for referrals from a loved one.

What Are The Dangers Of Driving Drunk?

Anyone could cause an accident while operating a vehicle under alcohol influence, including yourself. This means that you could hurt yourself or even other people. You may feel like you could manage driving because your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is lower than the legal limit in your region. However, as long as you have the drink in your body, you may be at a higher risk of causing an accident.

Below are some of the reasons why driving under alcohol influence could lead to a hospital bed:

1. Alcohol Impairs Your Judgement

When you consume alcohol, it might cloud your judgment, preventing proper decision-making. This means that you could do some things you wouldn’t do while sober. For instance, you could start watching a video on your phone, texting, or calling someone. Such actions could distract you as you drive.


Lack of proper attention on the road could cause you to pass traffic signs, improperly change lanes, drive above the speed limit, or not pay attention to other vehicles on the road. These factors increase your chances of causing a crash and hurting yourself and other people.

2. Alcohol Prevents Proper Vision

Alcohol could also impair your vision. It could make your eyes sensitive to light, cause blur or double vision, and prevent you from seeing some color shades. Besides that, it could cause you to lose eye control partially, hinder efficient communication between your eyes and brain, or cause involuntary rapid eye movement due to long-term use.

Clear vision as a driver is quite essential. However, as seen, alcohol might prevent that, causing you to miss a turn, not to spot an obstacle on the road, or miscalculate the distance between you and another vehicle. As a result, you may end up causing an accident, endangering your life and that of other people on the road.

3. Alcohol Decreases Your Reaction Time

Another reason to avoid drunk driving is that alcohol might reduce your reaction time. This means that it could hinder speedy information processing and fast and proper responding to a situation when necessary.

For instance, if there’s a large foreign object or if someone cuts you off on the road, it could take more time for you to process and react appropriately to what’s ahead of you. As a result, you may run into the substance on the road or your fellow driver instead of thinking fast and braking quickly to prevent a clash.



Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in many regions. In this article, you’ve learned that alcohol could impair your vision and judgment and even decrease your reaction time as a motor vehicle operator. These are some of the reasons why you’re likely to get into a crash if you drive drunk.

Therefore, it’s best to have a designated driver or call a cab after consuming alcohol instead of driving yourself home. This way, you prevent the risk of causing an accident on the road, injuring yourself and other people.

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